Project Discovery Exoplanets to Launch for Stars Under CONCORD Oversight

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – Project Discovery, New Eden's capsuleer citizen science organization, is to launch its new exoplanets hunting program tomorrow, on the same day that its transfer to CONCORD oversight is officially completed. 

Operating under the guidance of CONCORD's Chief of Deep Space Research, Professor Michel Mayor, the new exoplanets hunting program is to offer its highest achievers access to CONCORD Aerospace's latest Pacifier frigate and Enforcer cruiser designs as a highly-attractive incentive for capsuleer participation.

Defined as planets in star systems that have not yet been visited by humanity's exploration missions, exoplanets have long been a highly important research target for all the empires. With potential colonization efforts now looking beyond the confines of the New Eden cluster, the choice of CONCORD to direct the Project Discovery platform towards this effort is viewed as highly significant, promising new discoveries in this exciting and vital field.

Project Discovery will officially open the new exoplanets hunting program tomorrow. The Sisters of EVE have confirmed that all those who have remaining Analysis Kredits banked from participation in their highly successful tissue analysis program will still be able to use them in their loyalty store.