President Foiritan planning for the future

By Svarthol
Souro Foiritan, president of the Gallente Federation, is poised to push through constitutional changes that would allow him to run again for president when his current term expires in two years time. The current constitution mandates that the president can only serve a single term of five years. But Foiritan wants to ensure he has enough time to act out on his promise to hunt down the UDI terrorists that have been plaguing the Federation for months, culminating in the infamous Elarel massacre a little over five months ago.

All constitutional changes needs the support of the Senate and Foiritan is already applying all of his political pressure on it for the bill to pass. Political experts predict this will be tough, as Mentas Blaque, the leader of the Senate, is a sworn enemy of the president and will undoubtedly do everything in his power to keep the bill from becoming law. Indeed, a spokesperson for Blaque's political alliance, the Sociocrats, has already criticized the motion, stating that the alleged terrorist hunting is simply a smoke screen and that the real agenda is Foiritan's endless thirst for power and prestige.

The first session discussing the president's proposals will be held tomorrow in the Senate, where Foiritan himself will introduce it. Heated debates are expected, though much of the arm-wrestling will undoubtedly take place behind the scenes. The reception the president gets in the Senate will though go a long way in determining the chances of his bold measure to go through. Some political analysts even go so far as to claiming that a disastrous reception might mean the end of this most colorful and energetic president the Federation has seen in ages.