Preparations begin for Presidential Inauguration

By Lina Ambre

VILLORE – Vessels belonging to the Federation Navy and the Black Eagles have been seen arriving at the headquarters of the Gallente Senate this morning, amidst a flurry of activity in preparation for the Inauguration of President Jacus Roden on Thursday.

The Scope has learned that security efforts aboard the station have been heightened due to recent events, with extra cordons in place and the denial of access by press to the Senate chamber until Thursday, while preparation for the ceremony is underway.

In addition to security forces this morning, a Megathron Federate issue bearing the seal of the President of the Gallente Federation and a Senate call sign was seen arriving unannounced under a combined Federation Navy and Directive Enforcement Department escort shortly after noon today, which would indicate that President Roden has arrived in Villore and will remain until after the ceremony on Thursday.

With preparation now in full swing for Thursday’s ceremony, the Roden administration has already come under criticism regarding Federal security after the uncloaking of unidentified structures within Federal borders, and several breaches of the Tripwire border control system by the vessels accompanying them.

It is expected that the Federation Navy will remain on high alert until the ceremony is concluded and President Roden is re-inaugurated for his second term.