Numerous Staff Quarantined Aboard Orbital Elevator In Muttokon

By Lina Ambre

MUTTOKON – Reports have reached the Scope confirming news that a number of employees of Freedom Extension have been placed in quarantine on board the orbital platform of a space elevator that services Muttokon II.

The platform, which is owned by Freedom Extension, is currently utilized to deliver construction supplies to the planet for both Urban Management and Six Kin Development, who are working in partnership to redevelop commercial districts in several cities on the planet.

While it is not yet known the nature of the incident that caused what has been referred to by the Republic Security Services as a “Class D Localized Containment Event”, the Scope can confirm from a source within the corporation that a total of sixty-seven members of Freedom Extension staff have been placed in full quarantine, along with an additional twelve individuals who were passing through the facility in transit.

At this stage, both the Republic Security Services and Freedom Extension have remained silent on the exact nature of the containment and what kind of outbreak may have triggered such a direct and rapid response, however it has been noted that over the course of the last two hours that a number of medical vessels belonging to the Republic Military have arrived on the scene in low orbit of the planet.

While the space elevator continues to operate at this stage with a heavy security cordon that prevents any access by press or visitors, reports indicate that the medical facility on board the orbital platform as well as several service decks have been completely sealed off.