Nulli Secunda Continues Efforts to Recover Sovereignty Loss

By CCP Phantom


by ISD Tedra Kerrigan

Etherium Reach, New Eden.  Early this month, members of the N3 Coalition alliance woke up one morning to discover that they had lost sovereignty in more than 200 systems in Etherium Reach, Detorid, Omist, Immensea and other regions.

According to sources, a spy disbanded the alliance holding a large chunk of the coalition's sovereignty, kicking out all its corporations and dropping sovereignty in more than 200 systems. He allegedly also made off with 400 Billion ISK. In addition, the 33 stations directly owned by the hijacked holding corporation were immediately locked down, stranding hundreds of capsuleers in hostile nullsec space. The more than 120 corporations which had been members of the now-defunct alliance were also stranded, unable to join new alliances due to active wardecs.

According to Nulli Secunda member Gorga, the actions were taken by Nicholai Sanse, but he added that it appeared that Sanse was under the control of someone else at the time.

With other groups and coalitions turning eager eyes on the South, the N3 Coalition rallied a fleet of over two hundred supercapital ships and ran operations over four days, initially retaking 156 of the 200+ lost systems. According to Gorga a number of systems were taken by renters during this process, but he was confident that those systems would shortly be under N3 control once more.

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Sovereignty loss overview map

Nulli Secunda


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