Not a Whiff of Evidence to Explain Fedo Colony

By ISD Sharae Kalani
VARD - Investigators at the Vard III - Six Kin Development Production Plant have discovered one of the deceased individuals found in this station's leg space more than a week ago was a capsuleer.
A report released by the coroner’s office indicates the deceased persons are a mix of empire races, though most are Minmatar in heritage, and lists the cause of death as ‘unknown’ with specific indications of ‘fedo attack’, meaning some individuals may not have been entirely deceased when the animals began eating them.
CONCORD has not yet released the identity of the capsuleer, citing a need for further independent investigation by the DED. The coroner’s report noted the pilot’s spinal sockets appear to have been tampered with but draws no conclusions as to the reason.
DNA samples taken from the bodies have yielded very few results. “Of those individuals we have identified, none seem to be linked,” noted a statement released by station security. “We hope the pilot’s name will allow our people to uncover additional information and will continue to investigate. However, at this time there is no evidence to explain why these particular individuals gathered together here.”
Likewise, there seems to be no evidence to explain the presence of the capsuleer. DED agents have dismissed the possibility that the pilot was trying to hide from an enemy, as capsuleers rarely ‘run to ground’, preferring instead to remain within the safety net provided by their capsule’s cloning technology. Instead, the DED is now entertaining unusual possibilities such as abduction, which may explain why the pilot’s sockets were tampered with, or an obscure tribal cleansing ritual gone bad, as the coroner noted most of the corpses appeared to be malnourished despite ample food supplies found with them. Another source has suggested the capsuleer may have been the leader of some sort of fedo suicide cult.
The fedos recovered from the station’s leg space have been destroyed under concern that subsisting solely on human flesh would create a “blood fever”. The stomach contents, which in fedos can remain undigested for extended periods of time, are still being analyzed for remains of additional individuals previously eaten.