New Caldari Ishukone Erection 3 Meters Taller Than Kaalakiota Erection

By Ret Gloriaxx

New Caldari Prime – Ishukone unveiled its latest addition to their New Caldari headquarters complex, Momoriyota Plaza, this morning: a major extension to the communications and viewing spire of the megacorp's primary skyscraper. As a result of this new extension, the towering edifice sets the planet's record for tallest building. It supplants the previous record holder, Kaalakiota, which has a campus a few kilometers away from Ishukone's central complex. 

The Momoriyota Plaza is the anchoring ground for a circle of towering skyscrapers that rise several kilometers, all interconnected by transit tubes and skybridges. The design allows for the Ishukone corporation to occasionally tear down and replace one of the skyscrapers without interfering with the rest. The Momoriyota Plaza has a reputation for always being under construction due to the mega's historically reliable growth.

During the opening ceremony, employees living in corporate housing on the plaza expressed relief that the current phase of construction work had ceased. "It's a prestigious posting to be sure," one source said, "But is getting three meters more important than a full night's sleep? We've had constant autojet traffic back and forth, and these last months the plaza's been more of a launchpad for constructor drones than a pleasant park for workers to enjoy!"

Eyewitnesses across town reported seeing construction equipment being moved to the Kaalakiota campus only a few hours after Ishukone's opening ceremony.