Muryia Mordu issues Operation Highlander Decoration

By CCP Falcon

5ZXX-K, PURE BLIND – Mordu’s Legion Command have completed the issue of a decoration today, honoring pilots who were involved in the orbital battle above Caldari Prime on March 22nd, YC115.

The battle, which was triggered by Operation Highlander – the Federation Navy’s assault against the Caldari Navy’s Leviathan-class titan CN Shiigeru – brought an end to the five year siege of Caldari Prime, the historical capital of the Caldari State and home world of the Caldari people.

In a statement released by Muryia Mordu this afternoon, the decoration was noted as “a tribute to the actions of independent capsuleers and the noble sacrifice of countless crew in service of both the Gallente Federation and Caldari State, which was made to ensure that the turbulent situation on the planet was brought to an end”. 

Mordu concluded the statement by expressing his personal gratitude to the recipients of the decoration – titled “Muryia’s Wings” – for their heroic efforts in bringing the conflict on Caldari Prime, which is now recognized across the cluster as a demilitarized zone under joint Caldari-Gallente administration, to an end.

Following the statement, Tsuni Aina, Strike Commander for Mordu’s Legion Command responded to questions relating to the timing of the decoration’s award by revealing that “the issue of this ribbon has been in dispute with the Directive Enforcement Department for over a year, after a number of Navy Personnel involved in the conflict regarded the decoration of capsuleers for their actions during Operation Highlander to be in poor taste.” 

She continued, by expressing the opinion that “Mordu’s Legion Command believes that intervention by independent capsuleers provided the required firepower to bring the situation to a swift resolution, and prevented millions of deaths that would have been brought about by a more prolonged conflict and surface counter-invasion by the Caldari armed forces.”

Strike Commander Aina also confirmed that the decoration was issued to a total of 3,841 capsuleers, all of whom were registered with the Directive Enforcement Department as having been involved in the engagement in low orbit of Caldari Prime.