Mordu’s Legion puts out call for capsuleer assistance

By CCP Eterne

5ZXX-K –Mordu’s Legion is requesting capsuleer assistance in scanning down Guristas Transponder Towers and recovering data sequences from them. According to the Legion, the sequences will help the Legion “recover stolen Legion property from the Guristas.”

“The Guristas have increasingly become a thorn in our side,” said Legion founder and CEO Muryia Mordu, “and in the side of everyone in the cluster, frankly. You might think more piracy means more work for us, but they’ve crossed too many lines. Hijacking our technology simply isn’t acceptable.”

The Legion has stated that the towers are located primarily in deadspace pockets within high- and low-security space and must be scanned down before they can be accessed. Once inside, capsuleers may hack the towers to retrieve the data sequences.

“These are largely automated towers,” Mordu said. “We do not expect them to be defended. This should allow any capsuleer to quickly find and retrieve the data for us. Once we get enough, we can use the information to track down where they’ve been keeping our things.”

In exchange for the data sequences, the Legion is offering blueprints of their newly-designed ships. The Legion says it will offer a single-run copy of the Garmur for 75, Orthrus for 200 sequences, and a Barghest for 700; all exchanges must be made at their station in 5ZXX-K. However, the data sequences can also be sold on the open market.