Monuments to Martyrs of the Amarr Empire Near Completion as Station Renovations Proceed Apace

By Zara Serir

Nererut, Domain Region – Amarr Constructions has announced that monuments to those martyred in attacks by Minmatar terrorists and in the Elder Fleet Invasion are almost completed. The corporation also announced that, while it had been contracted to build the monuments by the Emperor Family on behalf of Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I, all costs would be met by Amarr Constructions as a mark of respect to the fallen and the Empress.

Amarr Constructions has been renovating many of the stations severely damaged in the Elder Fleet Invasion and in bombing attacks by the so-called "Bloody Hands of Matar" terrorists. Architectural Overseer Karol Iharaz told ACN that the funds necessary to repair and refit the damaged sections of the stations had been released from several years of financial negotiations within the Imperial bureaucracy by the direct intervention of the Court Chamberlain and Imperial Charters signed by Empress Catiz herself.

It is anticipated that the monuments will be moved into position outside the designated memorial stations in Ami, Andrub, Kor-Azor Prime, Nishah and Pashanai in the next week or so.