Minmatar Republic Launches Surprise Offensive During Break in Southern Floseswin IV Rains

By Lina Ambre

Floseswin, Metropolis – Minmatar forces on Floseswin IV have launched a major offensive aimed at removing the Amarr occupation of the large majority of the southern continental landmass. CONCORD conflict monitors are reporting Republic military formations advancing on multiple fronts towards population centers on the southern landmass. Sources within Amarr-held cities are additionally reporting widespread incidences of sabotage, public disorder and guerilla warfare.

Initial reports indicate that the Amarr occupation forces were surprised by the sudden offensive, which comes mere days after the 24th Imperial Crusade regained control of the neighboring Aset system, a key location for Amarr supply bases. Analysts suggest that the Minmatar forces on Floseswin IV had prepared the offensive for the first available break in weather during the southern rainy season. The overwhelming dominance of the Tribal Liberation Force and allied capsuleers across the Metropolis conflict zone appears to have allowed the Minmatar to move large amounts of troops and materiel onto Floseswin while maintaining operational secrecy.

Observers also speculate that the Amarr focus on restoring their supply bases in Aset, coupled with an assumption that Minmatar command would likewise focus on retaking the system, may have lulled the House Sarum-led forces into a false sense of security. Amarr forces have also been highly concentrated on maintaining security within their zone of occupation as a sustained campaign of low-intensity but highly-distributed guerilla warfare has stretched the occupiers relatively thinly. Amarr forces are most heavily concentrated behind massive fortifications and forcefields protecting the six major cities of the southern continent, the primary mining belt facilities, and the two largest seaports.

While there has been no public comment from Republic Command's Valklear General Kanth Filmir or House Sarum's Colonel General Vikhtor Mazari, both sides have been flooding communciations frequences and channels across the planet with opposing propaganda, demands for surrender, and warnings of retribution. The situation in the major fortified cities is unclear but there were scattered reports of explosions and public disorder before communications were cutoff by Amarr military authorities. Reports from minor cities, towns and villages indicate widespread uprisings against Amarr installations and forces spread thinly in the countryside.

Although it is impossible to assess the outcome of this rapidly developing situation, the early signs indicate a favorable military situation for the Republic Command's forces and the Minmatar resistance. However, CONCORD monitors have cautioned that the primary fortified Amarr positions are highly unlikely to be taken by assault without massive loss of life.

In Other News

  • CONCORD Inner Circle Delegates Recalled to Emergency Session Following Minmatar Offensive on Floseswin IV
  • House Sarum Bases in Bleak Lands and Devoid Reportedly Attacked by "Minmatar Terrorists"; Sarum Regional Fleets Responding
  • Ammatar Fleet Placed on War Footing Along Derelik Borders with Minmatar Republic; House Ardishapur Fleets Mobilizing
  • Caldari State "Maintaining Open But Secure Borders" with Republic, Federation and Empire; Urges "De-Escalation"
  • Federation Navy Places Reserves on Alert; Federal Military Commission Meets Ahead of Presidential Election
  • Lord Governor Ekroz Salaf Bans "The Peace of Kahah" Holofilm in Ammatar Mandate as "Prejudicial to Good Order and Community Harmony"
  • Angel Cartel Turf War with Seykal Clan and Krullefor Organization in Molden Heath Continues; Gangland Death Toll Over 1,000
  • Over 100,000 Attend Aleqa-Hierodeakon Alar Chakaid's Inaugural "Holiness and Right Action Ministry" Sermon in Khanid Prime
  • SARO Raid on Guristas Black Market Exchange in Nalvula Nets Over 500bn ISK in Illegally Registered Corporate Scrip


  • BREAKING: Massive Explosion Outside New Riennes Stadium on Mies IV as Governor Celes Aguard Arrives for Presidential Election Rally
  • BREAKING: Governor Aguard's Motorcade Last Seen in Vicinity of Blast Zone, According to Mies News Media Reports
  • BREAKING: Communications Disruptions Reported Across Gallente Federation; Caldari Prime, Intaki Prime and Mannar Seginde "Blacked Out"