Minmatar react to Senate report; call for Elokur's freedom

By CCP Eterne

Villore – Many Minmatar immigrants have harshly criticized the report commissioned by the Senate Committee for Equal Rights, after the report claimed there was no evidence for systemic discrimination of Minmatar in the Federation. The report has also energized defenders of Brutor student Kinhar Elokur, who has been imprisoned since August 1st for the deaths of three Gallente men.

Led by Senator Asbran Eleskar, the opponents of the report have claimed it is misleading and cherry picks statistics that do not paint a full picture of Minmatar concerns in the Federation. “The average Minmatar experiences some form of discrimination daily,” the young Senator from Colelie said. “Many of us manage to rise above it, but if even one person finds their life ruined by discrimination, it is one person too much.”

Eleskar has requested the Senate fund a “nonpartisan” study of the issue that goes beyond “a surface-level examination of statistics and instead reaches out to potential victims of unreported bigotry.” As yet, the head of the Senate Committe for Equal Rights has not backed from their insistence that their report was comprehensive.

Meanwhile, additional protests have erupted in the system of Synchelle over the imprisonment of Kinhar Elokur. Elokur was attacked by three Gallente men in what is believed to be a racially-motivated assault, but killed his assailants. He has been charged with homicide for using “unreasonable force” to protect himself. The protestors, primarily of Minmatar heritage, believe Elokur's ethnicity is a factor in his continued imprisonment and have used it as a point of contention with the Senate report.

“When we have a poor student being held in prison seemingly-indefinitely for defending himself, how can you say there's anything but racial bias?” asked one protestor. The protestors outside the prison where Elokur is being held numbered roughly a hundred, with frequent chants of “Free Kinhar” breaking out.

The Synchelle police have said they do not comment on ongoing legal cases, but announced a trial date is set for October 15th.