Minmatar call for release of imprisoned Brutor student

By CCP Eterne

Synchelle – Numerous Minmatar activists groups have petitioned the Federation government to release the Brutor man imprisoned following the deaths of three Gallente men last week in Synchelle. The man, now identified as Kinhar Elokur, a Republic citizen and student with the University of Caille, reportedly killed the three men in self-defense after he was attacked in retaliation for the Bloody Hands of Matar torching of an Impetus distribution center.

A protest outside the facility where Elokur is being held numbered in the dozens, mostly consisting of fellow Minmatar. The protestors chanted and held signs advocating Elokur's immediate release. One protestor said, “This boy was defending himself from a vicious, hateful attack. He was terrified, outnumbered, and did what he could to save his own life. But now they're holding him and think of charging him with murder? Let me tell you, if a Gallente student was attacked by three Brutor but killed them in self-defense, they'd think he's a hero. They wouldn't keep him in jail.”

Synchelle police have claimed they are holding Elokur because “the suspect potentially responded with disproportionate fashion. We must investigate why three men are dead and until we can determine the necessity for the suspect to kill the three, we cannot release him.” According to Federation legal experts, it is considered highly unusual for an individual to kill three others in self defense. “It looks suspicious,” said one expert. “Normally if one attacker is killed or critically wounded, the others will run. But in this case it appears Elokur perhaps pursued and continued the fight well past when he had insured his own safety.