Ministry of Internal Order Increases Patrols along Border, and in Stations and Major Cities

By Lina Ambre

Penirgman, Domain – The Ministry of Internal Order has ordered its customs and border control forces to increase patrols in border systems. At the same time, reports from major cities in the Amarr Empire indicate that the MIO has increased its presence on the streets.

When approached by the Scope, the MIO spokesman said, "With the dramatic increase in terrorist threats and other border security concerns in the past weeks, and with the Imperial Jubilee celebrations to come, the Ministry of Internal Order has increased patrols in several border regions."

The Scope understands that Imperial Navy and Royal House fleets will be used to bolster patrols across the Amarr Empire. Elsewhere, reports from a number of major Amarr cities and several space stations in the Throne Worlds constellation have indicated that MIO forces have increased their visible presence on the ground.

When pressed on the patrolling of Amarr cities and stations, the MIO refused to comment and would not elaborate on the mentioned "terrorist threats and border security concerns".