Mercenary Corporations Withdraw from Chandeille as Jin-Mei Civil Conflict Enters Ceasefire Following Capsuleer Aid Efforts

By Lina Ambre

Chandeille (Lirsautton V) – The decades long civil conflict on the Jin-Mei homeworld of Chandeille, the fifth planet of the Lirsautton system, has entered an uneasy peace following a ceasefire declaration by Sang Do overlord houses in the resource rich equatorial zones of the planet. Gallente Federation negotiators are believed to have benefitted in their long task of brokering a ceasefire from the recent involvement of capsuleers from the "Villore Assembly" calling for peace and providing humanitarian aid.

While the equatorial conflict has waxed and waned over the decades, the last few years have seen particularly intense fighting as interstellar mercenary corporations offered their services to various Sang Do overlords contending over resource extraction rights along the rich central belt of the planet. An additional factor that may have helped in reaching ceasefire terms was the sudden withdrawal of several notable mercenary corporations from the conflict. Private military forces from Intara Direct Action, the Ostrakon Agency, and the Seykal Expeditionary Group have disengaged in the last week, citing the presence of Federation covert and special forces as cause for activating "sovereign non-compete" clauses in their contracts.

The Federal Intelligence Office has denied all claims of involvement in the civil conflict, noting that the internal security situation of Chandeille is a matter for the Jin-Mei authorities and planetary assembly. In practice, this is a formula that hands all power to the Sang Do overlord caste as the Chandeille planetary assembly has no real enforcement powers. The Federation military has suggested that the remaining mercenary corporations, notably the Kang Lo Directorate and Namtar Elite, were in fact making headway on behalf of the "Consolidation" faction of equatorial overlords against the "Prosperity Drive" faction that were employing the notoriously brutal mercenaries of Intara, Ostrakon and Seykal.

However it has come about, the ceasefire is sure to bring great relief to a population that has suffered much in casualties, destruction and displacement during the past few years of the equatorial zone conflict on Chandeille.