Luminaire situation still unstable, revered Caldari Admiral called back into service

By CCP Falcon

LUMINAIRE – A Caldari Navy spokeswoman confirmed this morning that retired Admiral Visera Yanala has been drafted back into service. The unprecedented move comes after widespread unrest erupted on Caldari Prime late last week, in response to a breach of the Gallente border by Caldari forces.

Presently serving on ceremonial duty and as senior military advisor to both the Caldari Navy and the Caldari Provincial Directorate, she will resume her position as Kimotoro Fleet Admiral in command of the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru, which currently resides in orbit of the besieged planet.

In an interview with Echelon Entertainment, Admiral Yanala expressed that she is “delighted with such an unexpected opportunity to return to active service with the Caldari Navy.” When asked about her history with the Shiigeru, she added that “she was under my command for a little over half a century. I know every subsystem of her better than I know myself. It will be an honor and a privilege to take to her helm again.”

Admiral Mininela Erinen, commanding officer of the Caldari Navy, expressed her gratitude in the same interview adding that “as a young NCO with the Caldari Navy, one of my earliest role models was Admiral Yanala during her initial years serving as commander of the Shiigeru. It is an honor to have her resume leadership of the Kimotoro fleet under my command. Her presence at the helm of one of the Caldari Navy’s longest serving and most fierce warships is exactly what is needed to bring the situation in Luminaire under control.”

Reports suggest that Yanala has already returned to the Shiigeru, however the effect that her presence may have on planet side hostilities is yet to be seen as widespread unrest is still reported in the cities of Arcurio and Tovil.