Leaked Reports Reveal SOE Presence in Wormhole Systems Researching Drifter Technology

By Lina Ambre

ORVOLLE – Information passed to the Scope by an anonymous source has revealed that an ongoing Sisters of EVE presence in key Drifter-occupied wormhole systems is aimed at researching Drifter technology and behavior. The material, in the form of reports made by research teams to the SOE's Sanctuary research organization, discusses Drifter technology in various fields at length and often contains notes expressing concern, urgency and even alarm as to the nature and scope of the evidence gathered.

While the files contain much data and analysis of a highly technical nature, the research summaries attached to each report provide a clear window into an atmosphere of deep concern prevailing amongst SOE researchers operating in the Drifter-occupied wormhole systems. A more positive thread can be found running through those reports detailing progress in the field of "Drifter biotechnology" and discussion of reproducing "Drifter-specific neurochemical enhancers" in a "form adapted for use by augmented operatives". Later reports on this topic consider the ramifications of release of this biotechnology to capsuleers operating on behalf of the SOE.

The Scope obtained this material through a deposit of large numbers of encrypted files to our public GalNet mailbox, followed by a courier delivery of a hardware decryption key enabling the files to be read. Expert analysts on contract to the Scope have confirmed that the decryption key is of a kind known to be used by the SOE and a confidential source, who has supplied up-to-date information on the SOE to our reporters in the past, was able to confirm the currency of the cipher with which the encrypt/decrypt pairing corresponds.

Chief Editor Lars Kiormen said, "I have had a longstanding personal relationship with a source in a position to detail SOE operations for many years. This source has, firstly, denied that they are the origin of this material and, secondly, confirmed that it bears all the hallmarks of authentic SOE confidential research communications. My source was so concerned with what they saw in this material that they gave me permission to cite their view in these explicit terms. Naturally we will continue to safeguard their identity."

The Scope contacted the Sisters of EVE for comment 24 hours before publication but received no response. We continue to offer an opportunity to comment to the SOE.