Kyonoke Inquest Concludes As Additional Decontamination Equipment Arrives

By Lina Ambre

POSTOUVIN - A sizeable convoy of vessels registered to Poteque Pharmaceuticals arrived at the Kyonoke Inquest Center this morning after the Inquest itself concluded yesterday.

More than a hundred Obelisk class freighters rumoured to be carrying decontamination equipment, medical supplies, provisions and additional remote operated exploration equipment have docked with the Keepstar class structure over the course of the morning, with the mammoth task of unloading tens of millions of tons of equipment now underway.

Similar scenes have been unfolding in Muttokon, Oijanen and Efu as scientists prepare for further analysis of the Kyonoke Plague and widespread testing, along with additional action after the conclusion of the Inquest proper.

The action, which is occurring simultaneously across four regions of space and involves countless staff and vessels, is widely regarded as the largest single logistical operation ever undertaken in New Eden.

The Scope will report more on the situation over the course of the coming days as it develops.