Khanid 1st Fleet crosses Imperial border, meets Amarr Navy

By Svarthol

Moments ago, the Khanid Royal 1st Fleet crossed into the Tash-Murkon Region of the Amarr Empire. The Fleet was immediately met by the Amarr Navy. The Amarr Navy ships took up escort positions around the Khanid 1st Fleet and the two fleets tandem warped away. Current reports have the two fleets traveling toward Tash-Murkon Prime.

The presence of the Khanid 1st Fleet in Imperial space marks the first time Khanid warships have entered Imperial sovereign territory in centuries. Neither the Amarr Empire nor the Khanid Kingdom had any comment to make regarding the unprecedented border-crossing.

The 1st Fleet is the traditional honor guard of King Khanid II. Since it normally leaves Khanid Prime only when King Khanid II does so - a scenario that has become increasingly rare in recent centuries - the 1st Fleet is today a largely ceremonial posting.