Kezti Sundara Awards Imperia Militia Pilots with Military Distinction

By Zara Serir

SAFIZON – The Imperial Navy has called a press conference with Amarr Certified News this morning, in order to announce the issue of a decoration to pilots of the Imperial Militia.

The issue of the decoration comes after the 24th Imperial Crusade succeeded in the capture of all contested systems between the Empire and Republic, which occurred on December 15, YC116 when the last Tribal Liberation Force stronghold fell in the conflict zone.

Speaking from the Royal Shipyard aboard Imperial Navy Headquarters, where the keels of vessels destined to become “Imperial Issue” designated hulls are laid down and blessed by the Empress herself,  Grand Admiral Sundara noted that the 24th Imperial Crusade had “led us forward in victory over those who deny our might” and that the decoration, titled the Righteous Cross, has been awarded “for completing the Reclaiming of the entirety of the contested interstellar territories between the Empire and Republic”.

Admiral Sundara continued by thanking the 24th Imperial Crusade for their “service to God and Empire under the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act”, before joining Pomik Haromi, Court Chamberlain for the Amarr Empire during a ceremony to bless and name the keel of an Abaddon-class Imperial Issue battleship that has been given the call sign TES Righteous Cross, as a tribute to the efforts of the 24th Imperial Crusade.  The vessel is expected to be ready for service trials in 30 days.

Rumors continue to circulate among the media relating to the wellbeing of Empress Jamyl I, after her abstinence from public appearances since September YC116, with Chamberlain Haromi attending public events in her absence. The long delay in the issue of this decoration, along with its presentation by Grand Admiral Sundara rather than the head of state, as is traditional in the Empire, has left a number of media outlets speculating on the Empress’ whereabouts and wellbeing.