Karin Midular released into Republic care; remains critical

By CCP Eterne

Pator – Though former Republic Prime Minister and current Sebiestor Tribal Chief Karin Midular remains in critical condition, she has stabilized, according to doctors in the Federation. Midular was transported to Pator in the Minmatar Republic early this morning, where she was remitted into the care of doctors and taken to an undisclosed hospital for further treatment.

Despite the willingness of the Federation to transfer Midular to Republic care, doctors remain pessimistic about her long-term chances. “It was decided that moving Chief Midular would not endanger her further, but she is still in a coma and her condition hasn't been upgraded,” said Scope medical consultant Dr. Luija Elban. “In my eyes, this seems pretty clear cut. The doctors in the Federation don't want the stigma of her dying in their care, so they're giving her to the Republic.”

According to reports, the trauma to Midular's brain has rendered her mind unable to be scanned. Minmatar doctors are hopeful that cellular regeneration and surgery will eventually repair the damage sufficiently to allow her to be cloned.

The Sebiestor Tribe has released a short statement, requesting that “the privacy of Chief Karin Midular, our Ray of Matar, be respected during these difficult times.”