Karin Midular in coma; Republic demands transfer

By CCP Eterne

Luminaire – Sebiestor Tribal Chief Karin Midular is in a medically induced coma and has suffered extensive brain trauma, the Scope has learned, after being shot in the head on Thursday by a lone gunman in a rampage that left 58 dead and 304 wounded. According to reports from her doctors, the severity of Midular's injury is such that cloning is considered impossible, as any brain scan would return incomplete results.

Doctors are currently waiting for the swelling in Midular's brain to go down so they can attempt additional neural surgery. One of the doctors assigned to her has said, “It's a miracle she hasn't died already,” painting a grim prognosis for the former Republic prime minister. “The extreme best case scenario is mild brain damage and a long recovery period. But honestly, that's unlikely at this point. We still can't be sure she'll survive the next twenty-four hours.”

Earlier this afternoon the Minmatar Republic, on behalf of the Sebiestor Tribe, released a statement demanding her transfer into Republic care and questioning the specifics of her handling by the Federation.

“It is appalling that such sensitive details of Chief Midular's condition have been so brazenly shared by her doctors,” the statement read. “A Ray of Matar has been the victim of a serious attack and the Federation is freely discussing her medical status without any respect to patient-doctor confidentiality. The Federation must transfer her to proper Minmatar care immediately, where our doctors can provide her with appropriate treatment in privacy.”

The Federation, however, has refused to transfer Midular, claiming the risks are too high. “She remains in an extremely dangerous condition," said a spokesperson for the hospital. “Attempting to move her, even in a state-of-the-art hospital ship, would be too risky. We must exercise every caution if she is to pull through.”