Karin Midular Funeral Takes Place on Mikramurka Steppes

By CCP Delegate Zero

Pator – Chief Karin Midular of the Sebiestor Tribe, also known as "The Ray of Matar", was today honored with a traditional chief's funeral in her clan's ancestral lands on the Mikramurka steppes. The funeral was attended by the chief's family, representatives from all the Sebiestor clans, and the chiefs of the other six Minmatar tribes. Sanmatar Shakor attended in his formal role as representative of the Republic's Tribal Council, a body that is collectively the head of state of the Republic. Numerous private citizens from the tribes, clans and circles of the Minmatar people attended, with several representatives from other nations paying their respects.

The day's ceremonies began with a funeral procession from Chief Midular's hometown of Mithuris, on the upper steppes of Mikramurka, to the settlement's "Place of Silence" several kilometers out of town. The procession, symbolic of the journey of life, was led by Sebiestor spiritual leader Vuld Haupt with family, clan and tribal delegations following in order of relationship to the deceased. Sanmatar Shakor took up his position as rearguard of the Minmatar delegations with the representatives from other nations following him.

At the Mithuris Place of Silence, the Ray of Matar's body was taken to a ritual enclosure and laid out by Vuld Haupt. Following this, the canvas roof of the enclosure was withdrawn exposing the body to the elements and carrion birds of the Mikramurka. This ancient funeral rite is rarely used, with ritual cremation having become the norm, but it is prescribed for the funeral of a Sebiestor chief.

The rite was observed in silence. No eulogies or other speeches were made, with the deceased regarded as making a final gesture of gratitude for their life by silently giving their body to the creatures and elements of their homeland. Following the scattering of votive flowers around the enclosure, Vuld Haupt led the funeral party to a lodge on the edge of the Place of Silence where an open door wake took place.