Caldari Business Tribunal Uproar As Slander Case Is Dismissed

By CCP Falcon

THE FORGE – The Caldari Business Tribunal was left in disarray this morning after a landmark case was thrown out mid-session under order of the Caldari Provincial Directorate. Proceedings between the Intara family and the Kaalakiota Corporation were dismissed without trial during their first session after Intara Direct Action filed a legal case for corporate slander and harassment with the CBT late last week.

Publicly released details surrounding the case indicate that the Intara family was faced with allegations of involvement with the notorious Guristas Pirates, as well as a number of claims that their security force, Intara Direct Action, does not hold status as a legitimately registered State corporation.

The allegations, raised by members of the recently formed capsuleer organization Pyre Falcon Defence Combine, centered around events on Vellaine III last Tuesday evening, when a large contingent of Intara Direct Action personnel were evacuated by the Guristas following tactical strikes by Provist forces. The Intara family responded almost immediately, filing a suit with the CBT.

The case was dismissed less than ten minutes into its first session, after a representative from the Caldari Provincial Directorate approached the bench unannounced and served the CBT with an executive order to cease and desist. Uproar ensued, with the entire delegation representing the Intara family as well as a number of members of the interstellar press being held in contempt of court for unruly behavior after a series of outbursts in protest of Provist interference.

The Kaalakiota legal counsel have remained tight lipped over the outcome of the short-lived hearing; however representatives from the Intara family freely expressed their disdain toward the actions of the CPD, claiming that “the Provist interference here today is a travesty of Caldari corporate law. It sets a dangerous precedent, makes a mockery of the corporate judicial system and brings shame on what the Caldari people have worked to build over the last century”.

Since the delivery of the executive order earlier today, the Caldari Business Tribunal has confirmed that no further action will be taken against those implicated in the scandal, and that the case has been closed. Both the Kaalakiota Corporation and the Caldari Provincial Directorate have refused to comment further.