Jove Corporations Transferred to SoCT as Inner Circle Indicates Major Announcement in Coming Days

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – Listings at the Secure Commerce Commission were updated this week to indicate the transfer of three Jovian Directorate registered corporations to the Society of Conscious Thought. The Genolution, Impro and X-Sense corporations, operating largely in the core empires of New Eden for many decades, have all been transferred to the SoCT with apparent effect from YC118.03.09.

Collectively, the Genolution, Impro and X-Sense corporations have long been major players in the cloning, implants, neural boosters and medical equipment markets. This transfer appears to have been carried out without the normal issue of notifications and only came to light when researchers at the Scope checked the status of the SoCT in light of an Inner Circle notice, today, that a major announcement as to the status of the Society will be made in the next few days.

The New Eden diplomatic circuit is rife with speculation following this notice but the embassies of the 'Big Four' empires are remaining tight-lipped and all CONCORD sources refuse to comment ahead of the press conference they intend to hold early next week. The stealthy transfer of three major Jove corporations to SoCT control has however fuelled speculation that the announcement will concern not only the SoCT but the current status of the Jovian Directorate and perhaps even aspects of the Drifter Crisis.