It's election time in the Federation - public gets to decide

By Svarthol
The independent committee charged with finding a compromise solution to the serious political deadlock that emerged from last week's Senate session has finished its work. The solution they came up with should come as no surprise to those familiar with Gallentean democracy: the matter will be resolved in a public elections. The elections are scheduled to start on Wednesday next week. Due to the size of the Federation they will be open for five days, ending on Monday the week after the next. All citizens of the Federation will be allowed to vote on whether constitutional changes allowing a sitting president to run again for the presidency should go through.

Neither president Foiritan, nor Mentas Blaque, head of the Senate, could be reached for comments on this announcement. It is believed both sides have mixed feelings for public elections, though Foiritan can be quietly confident based on his strong showing in recent polls. The results of this vote can have long-lasting effects on the political landscape of the Federation, yet the man on the street seems rather indifferent on the whole matter. A random poll of pedestrians walking the sidewalks of Caille showed that less than a third was even aware of the debate last week and those that knew about it didn't care one way or another. Analysts are already predicting a low turnout, probably less than 40%. This, however, is not unheard of in public elections in the Federation; the record being only a 14% turnout 8 years ago when voting what color the new presidential palace should be.

The short time until the elections start forces the propaganda machines of the president and the Senate into overdrive, as they try to convince the lethargic populace the importance of voting, and voting right. More information about the elections will follow.