Ishukone relief convoy safely makes it to Caldari Prime after attempted capsuleer interdiction

By CCP Eterne

Luminaire – A relief convoy consisting of 4 Rhea-class jump freighters has safely made its way from Ishukone headquarters in Malkalen to Caldari Prime after attempts by capsuleer alliance Goonswarm Federation to interdict its progress. The four freighters were filled with aid goods to be delivered to citizens affected by the destruction wrought upon the planet by the devastating crash of the Leviathan-class Titan Shiigeru.

The freighters departed from Malkalen at 21:00 EST, where a fleet of 60 State and Federation-loyalist capsuleers formed up to provide an escort. The group then departed, making its way toward Luminaire, until reaching the Kamio system. There, they learned of a Goonswarm fleet which was waiting in Uedama on the Ikao gate with the apparent intent to destroy the freighters at the cost of their own ships.

Kaus Siainda, the commander of the Ishukone convoy, made the decision to dock up while alternate routes were investigated. However, the sole station in the system, the Suukuvestaa Production Plant, was in the middle of a transfer of goods and had no available docking rings for the freighters. Not willing to risk moving and stumbling into an ambush, Siainda negotiated a 15 minute window to dock up while other options were discussed.

Eventually, capsuleer Stitcher of Reawakened Technologies offered to travel to Seyllin and provide a cynosural field on the Metserel gate, which would allow the freights the opportunity to bypass the ambush. Though the move was risky, Siainda agreed it was the best shot and went through with the plan. The four jump freighters were able to safely jump to the cynosural field and then jump through the gate into high security space without further incident.

They then traveled to Luminaire, where they were met by the Federation Navy and the rest of their escort fleet. The Federation Navy escorted them to dock in the Federation Navy Assembly Plant around Caldari Prime Moon 6. Ishukone is also taking control of the relief goods gathered as part of the Hearth and Home relief drive organized by Morwen Lagann. The goods will be transported planetside over the coming days and weeks.

Additionally, the freighters were transporting three Ishukone Watch Scorpions to assist with triangulation of surface forces. The ships are considered vital in the relief effort and Ishukone's attempts to end the fighting.

No comment has yet been forthcoming from Goonswarm about a reason for their attempted interdiction of the freighters, though several individuals expressed disbelief that anyone would attempt to destroy a relief convoy.