Ishukone re-opens flagship station

By CCP Falcon

MALKALEN – The Ishukone Corporation has declared their headquarters fully operational today, six years after the attack by rogue Federation Navy Admiral Alexander Noir left it crippled and cost the lives of scores of civilians.

The announcement comes as the corporation increasingly appears to be positing itself, with its projected independence and strength, at the forefront of corporate messaging. CEO Mens Reppola was on hand to greet and address Ishukone workers who had arrived to witness the station’s six primary reactors be brought back online after laying dormant for over half a decade during the extensive repairs.

Speaking in front of an assembly of over one hundred thousand Ishukone employees, with his address broadcast across both the Nugoeihuvi and Scope news networks, Reppola hailed the moment as the birth of a new era in the legacy of Ishukone, but cautioned that the corporation would “continue to take its recovery in slow and well measured steps.”

Reppola closed the address by thanking “each and every Ishukone employee for their unswaying loyalty and dedication to their corporation” and assured the workforce that “the legacy of [his] predecessor will continue to ensure that Ishukone employees receive the finest support available.” Soon after his address concluded, hundreds of vessels were seen to be arriving in newly re-opened docking bays.