Ishukone Announces Investment In Malkalen Reconstruction

By CCP Falcon

MALKALEN – In a press conference called this morning, Mens Reppola, Chief Executive of Ishukone, formally announced plans for the reconstruction of the corporation’s headquarters in orbit of Malkalen V – Moon 1.

The station, which was partially destroyed by the impact of FNS Wandering Saint during a Caldari-Gallente economic summit on May 15 YC110, has remained the operational headquarters of Ishukone for the past six years despite being in a severe state of disrepair due to the corporation’s precarious financial situation.

Over the course of the last twenty four hours, the entire structure has been swarmed by support drones and construction personnel. Vessels from Caldari Steel and Caldari Constructions were also sighted delivering shipments of hull components and construction materials yesterday. Work continued through the night in a flurry of activity, before crews retreated to within the station this afternoon.

Reppola gave a charged and emotional statement from on-board the station, claiming that “the Ishukone corporation is beginning to emerge from the darkest years of our history after not only the loss of a great leader, but also financial issues caused by the steel fist of the Caldari Providence Directorate when we wouldn't change our core values at the whim of a madman.”

As more vessels from a number of construction contractors began to arrive, Reppola pledged to continue the re-development of the corporation’s infrastructure, stating that “our headquarters has remained a scarred tribute to the resolve and determination of every Ishukone employee for over half a decade, but from here forward, this changes.

As we usher in a new era for Ishukone, and begin to pen the next chapter of our corporation’s legacy, we will continue to embrace the core values that made Otro Gariushi endeared by us all.”

The conclusion of the address was met with a roar of applause from Ishukone workers as Reppola, who had soared to popularity after releasing almost two thirds of board-controlled shares for purchase by workers after his appointment as CEO in April YC111, stepped back from the podium.

At the close of trading today, the Secure Commerce Commission reported that Ishukone stocks continued a steady but slow increase in value after the announcement, as the recovering corporation continues to keep focus on encouraging employee investment and stock ownership