Ishukone and CEP Battle SARO in CONCORD Assembly Over Dangerous Research Materials

By Alton Haveri

Yulai – Following an order from SARO Command Liaison Captain Oveg Drust that capsuleer organization Arakata Research Consortium [-ARC-] hand over its stockpile of over 20,000 Triglavian trinary samples, and a confidential appeal by the Caldari State and associated parties, current State Delegate to the Inner Circle and Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola formally argued the State case at the CONCORD Assembly today. The committee session handling the appeal was ordered to be held in the open after applications made by various media organizations, including the Scope, and with the support of the State delegation and other parties.

Like ARC, other capsuleer organizations including Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED], Heiian Conglomerate [HECON], and Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings [S-ICH] have been collecting Triglavian and Rogue Drone research materials in response to a containment breach and the spread of a modified Rogue Drone virus in the Semiki system. Ishukone Watch Chief Investigating Officer Kauntora Itkaku had requested the materials to aid the development of a countermeasure prototype.

Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola introduced the Caldari State's appeal case at the Yulai Accords and Convention Arbitration Committee of the CONCORD Assembly. CEP Chair Kossinen echoed Reppola in making the Caldari State case and reiterated that the CEP recognizes the gravity of the present situation in Semiki. During the Assembly appeal, Officer Itkaku's testimony was significant.

"As far as we have been able to determine, SARO's interests in the research materials are predicated on a potential threat that could arise. The Zainou and Aliastra stations in Semiki are suffering the consequences of an active threat. Our quarantine has been sufficient for now, but quarantines, at best, slow the spread of a contagion; they cannot stop that spread forever. This virus has proven both resilient and adaptive. It can handicap a station mainframe and neural implants with equal ease.

"Our on-site researchers are under no illusions as to the real risk of a novel or exotic vector by means of which the informational virus could spread to the other two stations in the system, or even the star gates – they only hope that Captain Drust's unwarranted action has not delayed researchers so long that the virus has had time to evolve and overcome even our adaptive firewalling and other safeguards."

Wiyrkomi Peace Corps CEO Sekadama Roikikasvio confirmed that, in anticipation of the virus's spread, Wiyrkomi has been evacuating its non-essential personnel and sensitive equipment from its nearby testing facilities. Reports from Wiyrkomi specialists were submitted for the Assembly to review, which confirmed that since the initial breach, the virus has spread to all of the Zainou Biohazard Containment Facility's regulatory subsystems, including life support.

Specialists on the scene also estimate that the Aliastra Warehouse's subsystems will reach critical infiltration in the next month. There has been considerable work undertaken to firewall the Wiyrkomi and Core Complexion stations, so far with success as no disruptions or infections have been reported aboard them. Gallente capsuleers have been active in seeking remedies for the the Aliastra situation, including a petition to the Federal Senate from the Villore Accords grouping. Federation authorities have declined to comment other than to state that the Aliastra corporation's joining of the appeal was perfectly within their rights.

Captain Oveg Drust testified that he was unable to provide specific details to the committee, citing the sealed nature of the directive's codicils I, II and III and the need to preserve the security of Case Red Gamma Taskforce's operations. He repeated that "the containment challenges posed by a class A, class B or even a class AB incident are extremely grave," as he had stated in his original order.

The committee ruled in favor of Ishukone and Zainou, on the condition that any remaining materials in Ishukone or Zainou hands be turned over to Captain Drust and SARO after the development of a successful countermeasure prototype, as well as a copy of any research resulting from the use of the research materials. CEO Reppola accepted these terms on behalf of the Caldari State and associate parties, and voiced satisfaction with the ruling.

In related news, capsuleers have reported signs of increased Drifter activity across New Eden, including claims that Drifter battleships and associated Sleeper drones have been sighted in Semiki itself. The Scope has been unable to verify the Semiki claims but the reports of increased Drifter activity have been independently confirmed.