Ishukone administrators announce Arcurio takeover bid

By CCP Falcon

LUMINAIRE – The Ishukone Corporation has revealed the finalization of talks with representatives from Material Acquisiton and the Gallente Senate, with a view to returning the city of Arcurio to Caldari administration.

The city, which was heavily damaged during the siege of Operation Highlander and the subsequent destruction of the Leviathan-class Titan CN Shiigeru, remains the only one of the three largest cities on Caldari Prime not under Caldari administration.

Allocated to Material Acquisition during the drafting of the Highlander agreement, Arcurio is home to some 97.3 million inhabitants and is still considered the cultural and historical capital of the Caldari State despite being deep within Gallente territory.

The announcement has been hailed across the State after several difficult weeks for Ishukone’s leadership under the scrutiny of the Chief Exectutive Panel. However, Ishukone administrators on Caldari Prime have played it down, explaining that “while the outlook is extremely positive, negotiations to finalize the arrangement are still very much underway. The intention was for the agreement to remain confidential until finalized, but the precipitate actions of the Chief Executive Panel and our competitors over the last several weeks have forced our hand in this delicate matter.”