Ishukone actions called into question after further talks with Gallente Senate

By CCP Falcon

NEW CALDARI – Further unrest was reported in both Malkalen and New Caldari this morning after revelations that Ishukone executives remain in talks with the Federal government on Caldari Prime.

The negotiations sparked outrage in the State two weeks ago, but were believed to have been concluded after the unveiling of a monument to lives lost during the conflict for control of the planet early last year.

In the wake of continued contact between the Caldari megacorporation and the Gallente Senate, Kaalakiota and Lai Dai renewed requests for the Chief Executive Panel to launch a full investigation into Ishukone’s foreign affairs this morning, citing concerns relating to the security of the Caldari State.

In the last hour, the Chief Executive Panel has confirmed that a full investigation into Ishukone’s dealings with the Federal government will be launched, and that “every effort will be undertaken to ensure that the security of the Caldari State remains intact, and any potentially illegal actions taken by Ishukone or indications of corruption within the corporation are dealt with appropriately.”

Upon request for comment, Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola branded the remarks regarding corruption as “completely ludicrous”, and closed his statement in response by saying “if the CEP wish to place roadblocks in the way of our diplomatic efforts to preserve what little cultural heritage remains of the Caldari on our homeworld, then they can take the responsibilty for the loss of thousands of years of history. Until they do take up that burden, we will stay the course the winds have set us on.”