ISD Invades New Eden

By CCP Phantom


by ISD Ashen Talinthe

The Interstellar Services Department (ISD) has been authorized to 'invade' New Eden, and will be holding events in many popular systems and trade hubs until January 1st. Their mission is to spread holiday cheer, answer questions, and interact with their fellow capsuleers.

When asked how the invasion was going STAR Tipene had this to say; “Extremely well. The pilots we meet in space are at first surprised to see us outside our normal roles, but soon welcome the idea of having some fun and festivities in the local system.” Reception of the invasion has been good, with many capsuleers joining in on the festivities.

ISD members have been making the most of the opportunity to interact with their fellow capsuleers. “Most of us spend time locked away doing our duties and the general population don’t get to see the people behind the roles we perform. So it's good to get people to see we're real pilots like them, we enjoy flying around and we always have a space for wiling recruits.” said STAR Tipene. The mission is all about capsuleer interaction.

STAR PlayingCard had this message for his fellow capsuleers “Make sure that you are having an excellent holiday. New Eden couldn't be the place it is without you and you make it special. It been a privilege introducing new members in to this community and I'm really excited for 2013 and what it will bring for New Eden.”

So be on the lookout for that ISD conga line coming to a system near you. Happy Holidays, New Eden!

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