Investigation Info Leaked - Special Counsel Moves To Deny

By Svarthol
This just in: several major interstellar news agencies have in the past twenty-four hours run breaking news on a new development in the Insorzapine bisulfate investigation being undertaken by the CEP Business Bureau. According to a report apparently leaked by a top-level Bureau aide, the Insorzapine variant carried by renegade scientist Ullia Hnolku and his wife is in fact a drug capable of wholly reversing the effects of Vitoc on the human body, breaking the chain of cellular addiction which keeps individuals hooked on the drug's antidote.

Special Counsel Tar Maurisi, head of the Bureau's investigation, has swiftly moved to deny the claims, stating that they are "sensationalistic propaganda spread by opportunistic parties interested in seeing Amarr-Caldari relations soured." While Maurisi mentioned no names, the consensus within diplomatic circles is that the Special Counsel's words were directed towards the Gallente business machine, whose interests would be greatly served by a rift between the Amarr and Caldari nations. No response has been forthcoming from the Federation at this time.

Meanwhile, the news has promoted unrest among the Amarrian populace. In preparation for the eventuality of the drug's mass distribution, a number of holders have begun pulling their slaves back from specialized colonies as well as public areas, and the Amarr Navy is reportedly mobilizing a task force to search for the scientists. The Imperial Chancellor's Office refused to give comment "until more concrete information is brought to light."

The search for Dr. Hnolku continues, but little success has been had by officials moving against the scientist. It is widely whispered that capsuleer mercenaries have been paid to apprehend Hnolku outside the confines of Caldari space, but such rumours are wholly unsubstantiated at the present time.

Zainou Biotech stocks have dropped a further twelve points in the time since the report was released. Ishukone stock has taken a three-point dive.

More on this as it develops.