"Insorum Imbroglio" Puts Focus on Capsuleers as Eyes Turn Toward Blood Raider Covenant

By Svarthol
Last week saw the brutal murder of infamous Caldari scientist Dr. Ullia Hnolku at the hands of a force of capsuleers known as the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve. As reported by various eyewitnesses, the doctor was shot down in the Magiko system while being escorted to safety by a twenty-strong fleet of Matari freedom fighter ships. Apparently Dr. Hnolku, weakened by blood loss after a savage knife attack earlier that evening, had made an error in judgment and engaged his shuttle's warp drive too soon, thus running into an ambush set up by his pursuers.

Details are sketchy at this point on whether the doctor's prototype for Insorum bisulfate, rumored to represent a cure for Vitoc withdrawal, made its way into the hands of Caldari or Matari forces. A number of unconfirmed reports state that Matari alliance the Ushra'Khan are currently in possession of the prototype, but no concrete evidence has surfaced as of yet.

The incident is reported to have inspired a great deal of vehemence among government officials at all levels of the four empires, though a remarkably low number of official statements have been made. Political analyst Jozek Molaine describes the situation thus: "With such a potential destabilizer as this prototype hanging on the line, tensions are high. Everyone is being politically cautious, and with good reason. The slightest move could cause a ripple effect that can destroy worlds."

In the face of this uneasy diplomatic stand-off, the capsuleer parties involved in what has become known as "The Insorum Imbroglio" have been thrust into the limelight via GalNet, the capsuleer community's podium venue. GalNet was optioned as a holofeed by CONCORD's Communications Regulation Agency not long ago and has since soared in popularity, not least these past few weeks. Cultural analysts and political commentators have noted the increase in the public's interest in capsuleer affairs and this powerful class's growing influence on world events. Stated one Gallente pundit, "They're the new stars in the sky."

Some see even darker things behind the four empires' cautious silence. In the case of the Caldari State, Federation Marquee journalist Maxim Peltast, in an article two days ago, stated: "Those putrid rat bastards are just happy there are lap dogs out there doing their dirty work. They're not doling out pats on the back, sure, but notice the loud and clear lack of public condemnation. If it's not obvious to you that they're happy as fedos in mud over this, then you have no business among the breathing."

As reports continue to come in of warring capsuleer factions turning their attention to the Bleak Lands - home of the Blood Raider Covenant, captors of Dr. Hnolku's wife and reported possessors of the Insorum prototype - the universe waits and watches for the next turn of events.

More news as they arrive.