Inquest Center Buzzes With Activity As Science Teams Arrive From Across New Eden

By Alton Haveri

POSTOUVIN - A steady stream of vessels arrived throughout the course of this morning, as science teams from all four corners of the cluster continue to descend the Kyonoke Inquest Center and begin to set up a base of operations.

The first to arrive was a joint Matari team from Boundless Creation and Six Kin Development, who have been engaged in dealing with the Kyonoke outbreak on board the orbital platform of a space elevator in Muttokon, which marked the first known case of Kyonoke Plague ever recorded outside the Caldari State.

A second team from the Empire consisting of bio-engineers and genetic specialists from Inherent Implants arrived shortly afterward, and were seen to be greeted by the team from the Republic in an incredibly rare showing of Amarr-Matari collaboration.

In a show of both solidarity and acceptance, the Federal bio-genetics team from Poteque Pharmaceuticals met fellow genetic engineering and virology specialists from Zainou and Ishukone on the Caldari-Gallente border, before the teams travelled to the H4-RP4 Kyonoke Inquest Center together, arriving a little over an hour ago.

The Keepstar class citadel serving as a base of operations for the development of a solution to the ongoing Kyonoke crisis has remained a hive of activity over the course of the day, with the first expeditions to the stricken RP4 mining platform expected to occur in the coming days.