Increase in Pirate Raids and Presence of Blood Raider and Guristas Bases Raised in CONCORD Assembly

By Alton Haveri

Yulai – Rising levels of pirate raiding activity against empire resource fields have been brought up as an urgent matter of concern at the CONCORD Assembly by representatives from the four major empires. Questions were also asked about the presence of pirate "Forward Operating Bases" and intelligence assessments that the number of these bases could increase.

Meeting at a special session of the CONCORD Assembly called to discuss cluster-wide security threats and response co-ordination, delegates raised a number of questions about the increase in raids by all the major pirate and criminal organizations. Dismay was expressed at the boldness of Angel Cartel, Blood Raider, Guristas and Serpentis strikes on empire mining expeditions and resource extraction operations. On this matter a joint resolution was adopted to extend and expand the program of hiring capsuleer freelancers through the services of the Agency, a clearing house for capsuleer freelance and mercenary activities.

The Amarr Empire and Caldari State delegations were particularly forceful in raising the issue of the Blood Raider and Guristas "Forward Operating Bases", and pressed the DED's General Odo Korachi to share intelligence assessments said to indicate a rise in the number of such bases being established by the pirate groups. General Korachi responded that "the concerns have been heard and this matter will be referred to the Inner Circle for immediate consideration."

With pirate activity dominating the session, there was only a brief discussion of so-called "emergent threats" such as the Drifters and rogue drones. DED command authority was described as "monitoring the emergent threat profile at all times".