Impetus facility in Atlanins torched; 7 dead

By CCP Eterne

Atlanins – An Impetus distribution center burned to the ground earlier today in an act that left 7 dead and 13 more hospitalized. Soon after, Minmatar fringe terrorist group the Bloody Hands of Matar claimed responsibility, issuing a statement saying the attack was revenge for the death of Karin Midular.

According to their statement, “The assassination of a Ray of Matar at the hands of foreign powers cannot go unpunished. Our anger will not be quenched until the pain and suffering the Minmatar people felt at her loss is revisited on those who perpetrated her death.”

The attack came shortly after workers arrived at the facility for their daily shifts. According to reports from survivors, a freight vehicle parked itself in front of the main exit at which point several men in hoods emerged from the rear and began tossing incendiary devices at the building. The truck blocked the exit and, as the flames quickly spread, a stampede broke out as workers rushed to escape out the rear entrance, causing several injuries.

Emergency responders were on the scene in minutes, but by that time the three-story building was in flames. According to officials, a section of the building collapsed, trapping several workers in an underground storage area where they died from smoke inhalation before rescuers could reach them.

The Minmatar Republic and Gallente Federation have denounced the incident as an act of terrorism. “The Federation has our full support in apprehending these terrorists,” read a statement from Republic Security Services head Adrand Allsvert.

The Black Eagles have similarly pledged to bring the attackers to justice, with Director Mentas Blaque saying, “The safety of the people of the Federation is my paramount priority. I will stop at nothing to see these criminals brought to justice for their actions.”

Prior to this attack, the Bloody Hands of Matar have primarily been known to attack Amarr targets and have been responsible for several high profile bombings in the Empire. Prior to the ascent of Maleatu Shakor to the position of Sanmatar, they had called for Midular's death and have never recanted those statements.