Imperial Succession Trials Set To Begin Today

By Zara Serir

DAM-TORSAD - The six heirs of the Royal Houses of Amarr have been sequestered in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad under the supervision of the Order of St. Tetrimon as the first day of the Imperial Succession Trials begins.

The eyes of the whole cluster are focused on Holy Amarr today, with representatives from the Court Chamberlain presiding over the battlefield on which the Imperial Succession Trials will take place. The Court Chamberlain himself will be present to preside over the trials on board [CO] Sapience, an Avatar class titan piloted by Cardinal Sourem Itharen, Capsuleer Emissary to the Court Chamberlain.

As combat trials begin, the Independent Gaming Commission will be broadcasting the first stages of the Succession Trials live from the battlefield, and the Court Chamberlain will be publishing the results of day one in this GalNET thread.