Imperial Navy Declares Success In Research Race

By CCP Falcon

SAFIZON - In a statement released this morning, the Imperial Navy claimed that loyalist capsuleer assistance has allowed naval research and development staff to achieve the first in what is likely to be a series of breakthroughs involving Sleeper technology.

Speaking during a press conference from Imperial Navy headquarters, Admiral Ren Karetta declared that "assistance from a number of sources within the capsuleer loyalist bloc has allowed us to make further advancements in downsizing Sleeper derived technologies in order to apply them to a lighter hull than the strategic cruiser platforms."

Admiral Karetta elaborated further on the breakthrough, commenting that "as it stands, thanks to the diligence and support of capsuleer organizations loyal to the Empire, this breakthrough has shed light on potential applications for more compact tracking and hardpoint technologies that may be suitable for a new tactical destroyer class hull.  

“With the assistance of those in service of the Amarr Empire, in particular Admiral Ascentior of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE] and his fellow pilots, our research and development staff are poised to make further breakthroughs in several fields in the coming weeks," continued Admiral Karetta.

After completing his address, Admiral Karetta handed the floor to Grand Admiral Kezti Sundara, Commander in Chief of the Imperial Navy, who reiterated the gratitude of the Navy, saying "today, the Empire shares with the rest of the cluster, its pride in the strength of those who choose to serve her cause, and the cause of God. It gives me immense pride to grant the honorary rank of Fabricator-General of the Imperial Navy to Admiral Ascentior of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, for his diligence and devotion to duty as a subject of God and Empire."

In the wake of the announcement, the Scope Galactic News Network has received reports from several unconfirmed sources that a short notice meeting of the CONCORD Assembly's Inner Circle has been called, apparently to discuss the implications of further weaponization of Sleeper derived technologies.