Ice Fields in Inner Empire Regions exhausted, Conservationists up in arms!

By Svarthol
Concervationists have called for a day of mourning today. Strip mining operations have depleted numerous Ice Fields in high-traffic, high-security Empire regions. Initial reports state these resources will not replenish, and other Ice Fields are in danger of the same fate.

"Today is a very sad day, knowing that these once vast stretches of natural ice and beauty are forever gone," said Marcalin Chronet, a noted champion of resource and new Capsuleer protection rights. "How many more fields will suffer the same fate in order to pad the wallets of companies who automate the strip mining process for obscene profits? It's a shame that these large scale, automated mining ops went through these crucial areas and cleaned them out. Some new pod pilots are going to wonder where they can go to turn a couple ISK for expenses tonight."

Others spoke out against these mining conglomerates. Said Aidan Black, CEO of Serenity Search, Salvage and Storage, "Hopefully, this loss of natural resources will have an impact on how these operations run. Maybe now, they will have to go into less-secure areas where they have to compete with Capsuleers who are at the controls of their mining AND weapon systems. Time will tell."

Attempts were made to contact a number of strip mining conglomerate officers and CEOs. None could be reached for comment.