House of Kor-Azor demands positive standings for potential champions

By Svarthol
A spokesman for one of the five contending houses to the throne of the Amarrian Emperor, the Kor-Azor, has issued a statement regarding the upcoming election that will allow Amarrians to select their candidate for the upcoming championship fights. "The House of Kor-Azor has decided to approve of the Empirical Succession Committee's system of voting representatives for each house in order to pre-select contenders for the sacred ritual of succession. The House of Kor-Azor wants to stress that any candidate that intends to go forward as a representative of the house, must have a positive standing towards that house, as measured by the CONCORD Interstellar Standings Code ( CISC ). Our champions must have proven their allegiance to us in order to be allowed to fight on our behalf."

Representatives of other houses weren't available for comment but they are expected to follow this example of demanding positive standings for their candidates.