Home Guard Confirms Completion Of Myrksaa Saturation - Direct Treatment & Screening Ongoing

By Alton Haveri

OIJANEN - In a progress report delivered to the Chief Executive Panel this afternoon, the Home Guard have confirmed that a joint effort between the Ishukone Corporation and Zainou has been successful in saturating the Quarantined city of Myrskaa with an airborne treatment of Agent 0410 - the controversial antidote to the Kyonoke Plague.

Speaking before the CEP this afternoon, Asiaineras Isuki, a Lonetrek based Security Director and tactical advisor for the Home Guard, confirmed that "a sustained 48 hour campaign of air bursts beneath the quarantine nanodomes that enclose the city has blanketed all remaining surface structures and life with Agent 0410. Combined with this, a pressurised flush of the city's subterranean levels, along with sealed off areas of the MARTN (Myrskaa-Ashiiga-Ruusaka Transit Network) also concluded this morning.

"Personnel from the State Peacekeepers HAZTAC (Hazardous Environments Tactical Command), the Home Guard and Corporate Police Force breached the quarantine zone approximately five hours ago, accompanied by medical personnel from Zainou and Ishukone. To dispel any rumors that may be circulating in the press, we can confirm that both Poteque Pharmaceuticals and the Society of Conscious Thought made access requests to the site. These were declined on the grounds of maintaining the integrity of State security, given the numerous security issues that occurred during the Kyonoke Inquest."

The State Armed Forces appear to be keeping security their primary concern, after orbital operations ceased for a number of hours this evening when a capsuleer fleet fight broke out in close proximity to Oijanen II. The fight began when forces from Nothern Coalition and their allies attacked a Vendetta class supercarrier belonging to Solar Citizens.

The vessel has since been destroyed, and it is believed that State Armed Forces operations will resume again in the coming hours as independent forces disperse from the area. The Scope has learned that once operations do resume, the treatment, screening and evacuation of some twenty million survivors of the Myrskaa containment zone will begin over the course of the next week, as those confirmed to be clear of the Plague are relocated to the nearby city of Ruusaka.

Documentation acquired by The Scope this morning also confirms that a joint taskforce of Caldari Navy and Lai Dai engineers are currently preparing series of prototype hydrogen devices on board Lai Dai's facility in the nearby system of Nuken, which will be used to raze the city once survivors have been evacuated. 

Meanwhile, across borders in the Republic, criticism of the Matari Administration's heavy handed approach to the Muttokon quarantine incident has turned to praise, after it was revealed that deaths from the Kyonoke Plague in the Republic - some 230,000 in total - constitute just 0.8% of the estimated cluster-wide death toll, which has been confirmed to be in the region of thirty million.

Speaking to the interstellar press for the first time since the outbreak was reported, Valklear General Adrand Allsvert, Executive Officer of the Republic Security Services praised the actions of Freedom Extension staff who "gave their lives to effectively and rapidly lock down the Muttokon facility, preventing the spread of the most deadly pathogen in the history of mankind."

When questioned by press regarding the Republic's response to the crisis, General Allsvert was eager to speak further, saying "the Matari people know what it means to be threatened. We know what it means to fight for survival, and we know what it means to protect our heritage, our blood, and our people. Every day we face threats from across the border. Every day our very existence is challenged.

"For the wider cluster, this outbreak was an interstellar crisis. For the Matari people it was simply another test of our will to survive, our ability to carry on, and our resolve to protect that which is most important to us. Our people. The Republic did not grandstand, did not hesitate, and did not falter. Those on board the orbital platform who gave their lives to prevent the spread of Kyonoke to more than thirty five billion of their brothers and sisters on the surface below are heroes, and will be revered as such.

"The choice was made not to give public details on our operations for both security reasons, and to prevent mass hysteria. It can be seen in both the State and Federation that freedom of information and the ensuing chaos it caused came at the cost of millions of lives. The Republic will always put its people first, even when the choice to do so comes with the necessity of making the gravest and most difficult of decisions."

In the Federation, the situation on board the RP4 facility appears to be progressing as planned, with thousands who have been successfully treated and screened now being moved to quarters on board the Kyonoke Inquest Center for debriefing and release.

The Scope will continue to report on the situation as it continues to develop.