Head of Senate resigns, Federal administration in uproar

By CCP Falcon

VILLORE – The Federal Government was left in disarray this morning after Aulmont Meis, head Senator for the Gallente Federation, resigned from his position in the wake of the Highlander dossier scandal.

His resignation comes three days after further leaks from the missing Operation Highlander dossier to major news outlets across the cluster, where sensitive information regarding the Caldari Navy’s military capability was revealed. The released information also contained details on a number of border breaches into the state by Federal forces, which have now been determined to have been made in violation of Article 6 of the Yulai Convention.

Meis was publicly named as head Senator on April 19, YC112. A graduate of both the University of Caille and Hedion, he was drafted to head the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as replacement for Mentas Blaque, who transferred to the Federal Intelligence office in order to lead the newly formed Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, more commonly known as the Black Eagles.

After announcing his resignation to the house, Meis declared, in a statement read in front of the closed doors of the Senate chamber, that his sanctioning of the illegal border crossings had been “intended solely to protect and preserve the safety and liberty of the Gallente Federation and its people” and was “necessary to ensure that the Federation was adequately protected against further aggression from the Caldari Providence Directorate”. He concluded by reiterating that he would continue to serve the Federation by any means at his disposal, and would be returning to a position within the Senate Security Council, which he held before moving to the Foreign Relations Committee in August YC106.

In a follow-up statement, with Black Eagles leader Mentas Blaque at his side, President Jacus Roden reaffirmed the commitment of both the Senate and Federal Intelligence Office to “the safety and security of the Gallente Federation, and her people”, and also indicated that the Supreme Court and Federal Intelligence Office would remain in contact with the Inner Circle.

Shortly after the President made his closing remarks, Aulmont Meis and his personal assistant Harelle Jovingeur, who was also dismissed from her position for her involvement in the scandal, were seen leaving Senate grounds under secure escort, bypassing a crowd of photographers and press.