Guristas pirates in disarray as they seek to offload scientists

By Svarthol
The Guristas, yet again grabbing the headlines the world over after their latest exploits in the Crielere system, are reported to be in an uproar following the loss of their leader, commonly known as Fatal. It is believed that the cocky Fatal only possessed an inferior clone of himself and is now suffering from severe loss of memory and motor functions. His partner in crime, known as the Rabbit, is not happy with the state of his former compatriot, nor his conduct during the raid on the Crielere complex. Fatal has gone into hiding and his future role with the Guristas, the cartel he helped create, remains uncertain. Yet some have speculated that the rift between the Fatal and the Rabbit is only a ploy the pair is playing to confuse their enemies, with Fatal only taking his time to recover and, perhaps, seek revenge on those that 'podded' him. Fatal was killed after a multi-system chase that ended in Second Wave Inc.'s Security Chief Doc Brown cracking his escape pod.

In the meantime, the fate of the famed scientists the Guristas kidnapped from the Crielere station is still to be decided. The intelligence community is reporting that the Guristas are currently seeking a buyer in secret, someone willing to pay the vast sum the crime cartel is demanding for their prized assets. Negotiations are currently underway with several unidentified parties, with the ransom believed to be in the region of several trillion isk.