Genolution Station Cleanup Concludes - Labs To Re-open In May

By Lina Ambre

EFU - Genolution have confirmed that a seven day clean-up operation has concluded this afternoon, with all labs on board their biotech production facility in orbit of the system's fifth planet now confirmed to be clear of the Kyonoke Plague.

The operation began with a 48 hour purge of the three affected decks, which was initiated on April 14th before decontamination teams moved in to complete a five day long clear out of more than 370,000 bodies of those lost to the plague since the area was quarantined in mid February.

Genolution also confirmed in the same statement that the final recorded death toll on board their facility stands at 371,814 souls, and that formal processing of identification and corporate life insurance will begin immediately. The process is expected to take several weeks to complete, given the large volume of personnel to process.

The corporation also offered thanks to staff at Poteque Pharmaceuticals and Eifyr & Co who assisted with treatment and relocation of survivors. The statement, which was delivered to the interstellar press by Dr. Oilja Aljus - the facility's Distribution Director - also contained details of the re-opening of the affected laboratories, which is scheduled for May 1st following repairs and replacement of equipment.

Across the border in Muttokon, Freedom Extension began an operation to tether a replacement orbital platform to its offline space elevator this afternoon, a process which should be completed late in the evening. It is expected that the facility will be operational again within 72 hours.

The corporation confirmed the success of a 48 hour flush of the decommissioned platform which remains in high orbit with an airborne variant of Agent 0410 earlier today, along with the fact that almost half the survivors of the quarantine lockdown have been screened and released for further medical care thus far.

Following Genolution's issue of a statement relating to the final number of fatalities, the Republic Security Services confirmed this afternoon that a total of 229,997 were lost in the Muttokon quarantine zone.

At this stage there has been no further release of information on the clean-up efforts in Postouvin and Oijanen, however leading experts at The Scope believe this is due to slower progress given the much larger scale of these quarantine zones.

The Scope will continue to report as the clean-up continues.