Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Conquests and EDENCOM Fortresses Edition

By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster, as the Triglavian Collective invasion campaign conquests mount despite EDENCOM success in establishing fortress systems across New Eden.

Above: Sakenta star under intense Triglavian manipulation.

EDENCOM Under Fire Following Conquest of Four Systems by Triglavians

Yulai, Genesis – EDENCOM's conduct of defensive operations against the Triglavian invasion forces has come under heavy criticism across the CONCORD empires and associated territories, following the conquest of four systems by the Collective. The fall of Sakenta and Nalvula in the course of days, combined with the conquest of Raravoss and Vale has called the entire EDENCOM strategy into question as fear grips populations in throughout New Eden.

The official stance of the core empires remains one of full support for EDENCOM, with the CONCORD Inner Circle reaffirming the command of the New Eden Common Defense Initiative remains in the hands of Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir. EDENCOM points to the establishment of 16 fortress systems and the defense of a dozen more as evidence that the strategy of fortification and defense in depth has been highly successful despite all out assaults by the Triglavian Collective.

Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir has reiterated her personal thanks to "those capsuleers who have remained loyal to the civilization of New Eden and greatly contributed to the defense of dozens of our star systems and uncounted billions of our citizens." Marshal Valkanir had harsher words for "the traitors amongst us who have been swayed by the honeyed words and poisonous lies of a ruthless foe." CONCORD and EDENCOM have issued directives against collaboration and support for the Triglavians by populations living in colonies and space infrastructure covered by the Yulai Accords and Convention.

The fraught issue of "traitor capsuleers" remains a major point of contention with efforts to suppress pro-Triglavian capsuleers hampered by decades of regulations and infrastructure ensuring strong anonymized, encrypted and open access to FTL comms and transportation networks. Independent capsuleer infrastructure has added hugely to the problem, together with reported disputes between factions of the Inner Circle, SCC and DED over the limits of the CONCORD mandate.  

Above: Nalvula IV in reduced light of its sun

Caldari State Left Reeling as Sakenta and Nalvula Fall to Triglavian Invaders

New Caldari Prime – The Caldari Chief Executive Panel is meeting in emergency session as the Caldari State absorbs the shocking news of the fall of the Sakenta and Nalvula systems, today. Despite the best efforts of Caldari State forces, EDENCOM and allied capsuleers, the Triglavian Collective's assaults on the two star systems resulted in the total conquest of both, throwing the Caldari State into some disarray as highly disturbed citizenry have protested across Caldari territories.

With the loss of Sakenta, a relatively quiet system in The Forge region lying close to the centers of Caldari power, the State has been deprived of a system focused on planetary resource extraction, manufacturing and support for State military. The many barren planets of Sakenta are the site of thousands of mining, manufacturing and assembly colonies, settlements and transhipment nodes. The two temperate planets of Sakenta III and V have long functioned as population centers supporting megacorp activities in the system.

The proximity to New Caldari and the resource rich nature of the system has led to it being a location of interest to all of the "Big 8" megacorps. The fall of Sakenta, with its State War Academy station and large recruitment and training operations, prompted the summoning of the CEP to its emegency session. However, the fall of Nalvula, a system in the notorious Mito constellation under development by the CBD and Sukuuvestaa Corporations has only heightened the sense of urgency.

With the support of its Jastokuaskaanonen Saikkan Luovhaikya (Storm Peaks Policy Trust) ally, Kaalakiota Corporation, SuVee has demanded the CEP issue a general order for mobilization of the Caldari State's corporate citizenry to war service status. The CBD Corporation and its PKN Interstellar allies, Lai Dai and NOH, are reportedly supportive of this extraordinary measure. Observers believe the large interests of the Ishukone Corporation in Mito will also sway it to support the measures and persuade its more conservative Hyasyoda and Wiyrkomi allies to accept it.

Above: City lights of Vale II as planet falls into shadow of the Triglavian invasion

Continuing Panic in Vale as Trickle of Evacuations Leave Billions Stranded

Vale, Essence – The heavily populated planets of Vale are experiencing widespread disruption and panic as the Triglavian conquest of the system makes itself increasingly felt. The normally bright yellow star of Vale has dimmed significantly as Triglavian stellar manipulation continues and fears of crop failures, famine and permanent winters are sweeping the system's temperate planets.

A rich system, self-sufficient in agriculture and most types of planetary industry, Vale's multi-billions population could not be evacuated during the collapse of the defense. Some few millions were lifted off from Vale II and VI with the support of the Material Acquisition and Chemal Tech corporations' space infrastructure, but a bare trickle of ships escaped from Vale IV and V before Triglavian interdiction made the efforts too dangerous.

FTL communications with the populated planets and other colonial sites in Vale have been maintained, with the Triglavian approach to utilization and administration of the system appearing to differ from that seen in Raravoss. Triglavian forces have certainly landed on the four temperate planets but have made no aggressive moves or threatened the major population centers. However, a Federal Marines base on Vale II was obliterated from orbit by a Zirnitra-class Dreadnought after it opened fire on Triglavian overflights in its territorial zone.

Vale local authorities have issued orders for planetary defense to stand down and take "no aggressive or precipitate action against Triglavian forces." Unnamed Federal Navy sources have condemned the Vale planetary administrations as "cowardly collaborators." Senator Filidor Cassiete of Eustron district rejected this saying, "The people in Vale have been abandoned by EDENCOM and the Navy, what do people expect them to do? Fight dreadnoughts with last decade's hover tanks and militia rifles? It's a disgrace that serving military have called them cowards in anonymous briefings to journalists."

Above: Final Evacuations from Port Sarum, Raravoss III

Silence from Raravoss Colonies as Triglavian Grip on Planets Tightens

Raravoss, Domain – In stark constrast to the contact maintained with the Vale system, a complete silence has fallen over the first system to fall to the Triglavian invaders: Raravoss in the Domain region. A largely industrial system with most settlements underground on its mineral rich barren planets, Raravoss authorities were able to evacuate several million through the transhipment facilities on the planets Raravoss I, II, III and IV before the Triglavian takeover was completed. Nothing at all has been heard from the hardscrabble colonies on Raravoss IX and the House Sarum ice-mining facilities on Raravoss VIII.

Before communications were lost with Raravoss III, the most heavily-exploited and colonized planet of the system, several reports indicated Triglavian forces landing and moving to directly seize and occupy its underground facilities. One report has claimed that the transhipment node of Port Sarum, scene of desperate evacuation efforts, was destroyed by orbital bombardment. A conflicting later communique broadcast on a House Sarum military channel stated, "Port Sarum, Raravoss III orbital defenses neutralized, enemy landing in force, orbital launch facility lost."

Imperial Navy and House Sarum forces have taken up positions in the Zemoth and Vaarma constellations with a view to repelling possible Triglavian expansion out of Raravoss. EDENCOM has refused to comment on reports that AEGIS special forces remain in Raravoss. The Upwell Consortium has also refused requests for the clarification of the role Arkombine and Mordu's Legion mercenary clone units reported to be active in Raravoss.

Above: Raravoss star undergoes radical change as Triglavian transmuter continues to manipulate it

CONCORD's Project Discovery Launches Flow Cytometry Citizen Science Program

Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's Project Discovery division has announced and launched a new citizen science program focusing on flow cytometry analysis aimed at providing insights into the novel coronavirus afflicting space industrial facilities and some colonies across New Eden. Responding to media inquiries, CONCORD officials have stated categorically that the pathogen and disease it causes are completely unrelated to the Kyonoke Plague and the bizarre pathogen first encountered in Taisy, and later responsible for the Kyonoke Crisis of YC119.

According to preliminary analysis, CONCORD Biosecurity Treams and Project Discovery scientists have determined that the relatively widespread and rapidly-moving new virus appears to have emerged several months ago. The working theory on the rapid spread of the virus is that the massive movements of people and materials involved in the construction of system and planetary defenses over the last year are primarily responsible. The source location for this particular novel coronavirus has not yet been ascertained but it bears a close resemblance to numerous viruses long present in human populations across New Eden.

A Project Discovery spokesperson said, "Our presumption is that this virus has emerged in an outlying planetary settlement and was able to spread when a large influx of workers went in and out of the location during a defense construction program. That said, our project is not concerned with that and is rather focusing on the application of citizen science to flow cytometry analysis of cell populations. We hope to support the efforts of scientists from the University of Caille, Hedion University, Sisters of EVE and the Society of Conscious Thought."

CONCORD is especially concerned to rapidly address this novel virus due to the threat it poses to the war effort against the Triglavians due to its spread through space industrial installations and associated colonies. Some have suggested the spread of this virus is a remarkable coincidence that may indicate a sinister source, reports Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour. For their part, CONCORD scientists have noted that the pathogen, while of great concern, would be considered "suboptimal to say the least as a military biowarfare asset, and shows absolutely none of the hallmarks of Triglavian bioengineering encountered so far."

In Other News

  • Triglavian Probe into Skarkon System Met with Heavy Resistance and Withdraws Following Stalemate
  • Triglavian Collective Forces in Eygfe Retreat from Footholds on Eygfe III and V After EDENCOM Bulwark Established
  • AEGIS Troops Accused of Summary Executions in Palmon Mining Colonies; Reports Denied by EDENCOM
  • Rogue Drone Attacks on Upwell Facilities Reported; CDIA Assess Swarms as "Triglavian Controlled"
  • Thousands of Holders Petition Imperial Court as Triglavian Attacks on Amarr Systems Continue
  • Imperial Privy Council Issues Orders Placing All Holders Under Direct Command of Sword Marshals
  • Several Theologians Arrested by Ministry of Internal Order as "Two Swords Doctrine" Publicly Questioned
  • Gallente Federation Mobilizes Retired Reserves Following Aguard's Signing of War Powers Directive
  • Federation Day Celebrations to Proceed with Focus on Military Deployment and Recruitment Drive
  • Federal State, Nation and Sovereign Polities Authorized to Triple System Militias and Planetary Defense Forces
  • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Appoints Kril Efrit as Governing Khumatar of Skarkon System
  • RSS Issues Warrants for Arrest of Hundreds of "Angel Cartel and Slaver Collaborators" on Skarkon II
  • Khumatar Efrit to Hold Talks with CBD, Eifyr & Co. and Skarkon Clans on "Removal of Slaver Mercenaries"
  • Skarkon Clans & Territories Trade Association Declares "Full Backing for Khumatar Efrit"
  • Vimoksha Chorus Assault on Khabi VIII Defeated by "Joint Ardishapur-Thukker Fleet", Claim Locals
  • Increased Blood Raider Attacks in the Bleak Lands Condemned by House Sarum as "Evil Cultist Support for Invaders"
  • Serpentis Corporation Offers Military Grade Boosters to System and Planetary Defense Militias in Federation
  • Guristas Pirates Condemn "Renegade Capsuleers Unable to Distinguish Between Free Enterprise and Terrorism"
  • BREAKING: Caldari Megacorps Mobilize Entire Corporate Citizenry to "War Service Status" After CEP Vote
  • BREAKING: First Full Mobilization of Big 8 Megacorp Citizens Since Provist Invasion of Luminaire
  • BREAKING: Megacorp Security Forces Order Protestors to Report for War Service


  • CONCORD Monitors Report Massive Minmatar Offensive Under Way on Floseswin IV
  • Uprisings in Southern Floseswin IV Reported Across Amarr Occupation Zones
  • Heavy Suborbital Activity as Missile Launches and Counter Missile Fire Detected
  • Southern Floseswin IV Army Groups Bypass Jolan Kraal as Assaults Focus on Sarum HQ of Port Kul
  • Monitors Report Large Air-Sea Landings by Minmatar-Aligned Mercenary Forces on Southern Coast