Galactic Hour News Roundup: Fragile Peace Holding Despite High Tensions Across New Eden

By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster as the fragile peace of New Eden is threatened by escalations in the aftermath of the Tanoo and Girani-Fa attacks.

Above: Crux Special Tasks Group Dreadnought During Battle Over Girani-Fa III

Feverish Diplomacy Between Empires Slows Rush to War as Tensions and Risks Remain High

Yulai, Genesis – Interstellar diplomacy at the CONCORD Inner Circle and in direct communications between the core empires is reported to have been conducted at a "feverish, non-stop pace" as efforts to avoid a new cluster-wide war continue. The risk of the fallout from the Tanoo and Girani-Fa attacks sparking a conflict between two or more of the major powers is reckoned to be "extraordinarily high" as fleets continue to be mobilized and move around the borders and key systems of the empires.

It is reported that personal contact between Empress Catiz I and President Celes Aguard was initiated soon after the assault on Girani-Fa III by Crux Special Tasks Group dreadnoughts. Federation Navy forces remain on high alert but continue to limit deployments to staging areas and military defense zones short of any presence on border stargates. The Amarr forces deployed to stargates bordering the Gallente Federation have been reported as withdrawing to similar staging bases within Amarr territory in an agreed de-escalation.

President Celes Aguard has pledged a "full investigation of Crux Special Tasks Group" and invited the Amarr Empire to send intelligence officers to the Federation for purposes of "sharing any and all evidence uncovered by the FIO, Federation Naval Intelligence and Gallente Police Directorate."

The situation on the border between the Minmatar Republic and Amarr Empire remains more fluid and continues to be "extremely dangerous" according to CONCORD conflict monitors. Amarr and Republic fleets have moved back and forth, with patrols and stargate security operations carried out at varying times. Despite reports of an open channel between the Imperial Privy Council and Minmatar Tribal Council, mutual distrust remains high. The Caldari State's Akimaka Seraki, on Amarr Prime for a side summit with the Privy Council, is reportedly leading efforts to mediate between the Empire and Republic.

Mystery continues to surround the "illegal cynosural beacon technology" that allowed a supposedly high-sec authorized cyno beacon to be lit in both Tanoo and Girani-Fa. Core empire and CONCORD intelligence agencies are all reported to be seeking further data on the technology, and on the operational methods of the Minmatar and Gallente mercenary units seen using the beacons to guide the assault dreadnoughts into high-sec systems. Efforts to secure the cyno-jamming and beacon networks of the core empires are reported to be the "top priority" of the 'Big 4' interstellar powers alongside avoiding open war.

Above: Crux Special Tasks Group Kronos Deploys "Illegal Cynosural Beacon Technology" in Girani-Fa

Caldari State Megacorporations Impose Security Lockdowns During "Clusterwide Emergency"

New Caldari Prime – The Caldari State's Chief Executive Panel has issued orders imposing lockdowns across all "State and Corporate territories" with the effect of restricting assembly and travel within and between corporate territories.

The vast majority of corporate citizens are believed to be complying with the orders given the alarming escalation in tensions between the core empires in recent days. However, some worker protests have continued with a number of activists pointing out that the promised reforms and refits of the Caldari Navy are proceeding slowly. Fears of the Caldari State being overwhelmed in the event of a wider war are "very real" according to sources within the executive tiers of some megacorporation security forces.

Protests have also focused on the claims of the Guristas Pirates that senior executives of the CBD, Lai Dai and NOH megacorporations have benefited from "undisclosed payments varying from confidential corporate bonuses, skimming contracts, shares of smuggling profits, and outright bribery." The Guristas have released a raft of financial records that purport to come from a variety of megacorporate and subsidiary sources. A few records indicate relationships with criminal gangs and even the Guristas Pirates, particularly in the case of executives alleged to have "ordered security operations against worker protests."

The PKN Interstellar consortium of CBD, Lai Dai and NOH has strenuously denied the records are authentic, accusing the Guristas of perpetrating "a vast fraud and massive forgery aimed at destabilizing the State and destroying the prosperity of all Caldari workers." NOH's Internal Security corporation is reported to have carried out raids against a number of corporate barracks alleged to be "centers for the distribution of faked reports", and security forces of CBD and Lai Dai are believed to have begun their own "information terrorism investigations".

Above: Jita 4-4 DCM Moon Elevator and Mining Colony Reported Under Heavy Security Lockdown

New Spate of Black Dagger Killings Leaves Twelve Dead, Three Suspects "Neutralized"

Matar, Pator – Twelve more notable or wealthy tribal citizens from various clans have been killed in a spate of mass killings involving the now notorious signature of ceremonial black daggers.

The most shocking attack was a "gun and grenade" attack that killed six in a mining works at the head of the Tronhadar Valley. A Krusual Tribe mining magnate on an inspection tour was among the dead. Two suspects were "deceased on arrival" at the local police barracks but were later found to be carrying black daggers of ornate design.

Three officials of the Brutor Tribe and a Starkmanir clan elder were killed during a public meeting in the city of Kulburis before the knife- and gun-wielding assailant was "neutralized" by members of the public. Two members of the Vherokior Tribe, including the matriarch of the wealthy Akovhiora family, were killed by an unknown assassin in the port district of Matar City.

In closely related news, the holoblimp explosion disaster on Huggar has been reported as having a final confirmed death toll of 213, with over 600 injured. In a bizarre development confirming its connection to the other killings, the shrapnel payload of the explosive devices fitted to the holoblimp has been confirmed as consisting of "dagger-like shards of black iron and obsidian". Reports suggest that at least 3,000 such shards were packed into the modified holoblimp.

In Other News

  • Amarr and Minmatar Fleets Maintaining Standoffs on Ardar-Floseswin militia warzone front and Audesder-Kenobanala border flashpoint
  • EDENCOM Refuses to Comment on Reports of Several Outbreaks of Fighting Between Amarr and Minmatar Troops Seconded to Fortress Duties
  • Serpentis "Making Vast Profits from Illegal Boosters" and "Funding Terror Crimes by Aenebra Cult Murderers" - Gallente Police Directorate
  • Angel Cartel and Krullefor Organization Continue to Trade "Gang War Assassinations and Bombings on Ennur VI" - Republic Justice Department
  • Smuggling Pipeline from Edges of Molden Heath to the Fringes of Placid "Top Item" on Agenda of GPD and RJD Security Summit on Colelie X
  • Reports that "Massive" Svarog Clade Assault on Abandoned Mining Complex on Skarkon II "Obliterated Side of Mountain with AM Munitions"
  • Former CBD Mining Complex Previously Reported to be Among Locations Used by Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army Commander Kril Efrit
  • Veles Clade Frigates Sighted "Bombing Rear of Svarog Assault Column"; Svarog "Responding with Graviton Pulse Weapons in Atmosphere"
  • Antimatter Detonations and Graviton Pulse Weapons "Causing Superstorms Threatening Cities Not Yet Totally Abandoned by Civilians"
  • Perun and Veles Clade "Bioadapted and Drone Armies Clashing on Vale II" in Bizarre "Battle on Gigantic Ocean Biomatter Raft" - Reports Claim