Galactic Hour News Roundup: Capsuleer Day YC121 Edition

By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings a roundup of news from around New Eden as capsuleers across the cluster celebrate the 16th anniversary of independent capsuleer licensing on Capsuleer Day YC121.


Capsuleer Day YC121 Celebrations Across New Eden

Around New Eden the celebrations are getting into full swing as Capsuleer Day is marked by capsuleers, space-industrial corporations and baseliner fans and aspirants to the status of "The Elite" across New Eden. The Upwell Consortium has issued a strong profits notice in its regular assessment of business with the capsuleer sector, while the Society of Conscious Thought has noted the anniversary and expressed its hopes for "continued progress by the heirs of Jovian capsule legacy." Many festivals and sports events are being held in communities where "capsuleer fandom" is at a high level. Particularly notable events are the Jita 4-4 Capsuleer Day Mind Clash Open, the Hedion University's "Religious Poetry in the Empyrean Age" Festival, and of course the long-running "Cosplay as a Capsuleer Carnival" held annually on the Crystal Boulevard, Caille.

Amidst the celebrations, concerns continue to be expressed over the intentions of the Triglavian Collective as further intelligence is gathered from their gigantic constructions sites in the depths of Abyssal Deadspace. CONCORD itself has adopted a more conciliatory note towards capsuleers as the signs of a serious threat from the Triglavians have mounted, and the Inner Circle issued a note celebrating the contributions to "the prosperity and security of the cluster that have been made over the last decade and a half by capsuleers."


Ishukone Watch Concludes Oimmo Investigation

Malkalen – Final charges were filed today against the remaining co-conspirators covered by the so-called "Oimmo Investigation," according to an Ishukone Watch press release. The investigation represents one of the longest-running in Watch history. The operation began in YC110 and targeted Guristas infiltration of Ishukone holdings in the Mito constellation, primarily in the Hakonen and Oimmo systems. A botched Provist raid in YC111 compromised the undercover component, which allowed many of the subjects to flee or avoid identification. In spite of the Provist interference, the Watch was able to arrest 304 of the 351 suspects at the time. Pursuit of the remaining 47 was handed over to the Ishukone Watch Office of Special Investigations.

Ishukone Watch Press Officer Aimon Anttulen said, "With today's charges, the final three surviving perpetrators have been brought to justice. This should be a message to all criminals that the Watch will find you, and you will pay." Oswik Shimala and Raigaken Airiken are accused of being couriers for the Guristas organization in Mito. Cilis Tahiri was an Ishukone employee in accounting who allegedly gave the Guristas unauthorized access to Ishukone systems. The three of them were reportedly residing in the Republic, and the Watch has declined to comment on how they were apprehended or returned to the State.

Major Marko Sandan (ret), the original commander of the operation, commented, "While I wish I could have been there to see the last of them brought in, I always trusted that the Watch would get the job done. We always do."


Leak in Thukker Mix Reveals Next Gen City Ships

EZA-FM IV – Leisure Group publication Eagle's View published extensive documentation and video evidence of a major Thukker city ship project, late last night. The anonymously sourced evidence confirms suspicions that Thukker Mix and Core Complexion are collaborating on the construction of new city ships using technology recovered from several expeditions into the Rogue Drones regions. The source, claiming to be an engineer, says their leak was motivated by concern about the poorly-understood technology, which has a record of behaving unpredictably.

Timestamps on the digital documents date the start of the project in YC111, though research missions in the Rogue Drone region had apparently been ongoing for several years prior. Construction is stated to have commenced in several Great Wildlands deadspace pockets during YC114. Eagle's View has told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that their investigation into the ultimate disposition of the "city ships project" is continuing.


Chaotic Scenes as Reborn Senator Assaults Suvio Bellaron

Villore – In extraordinary scenes, just before the Federal Senate convened for debate this morning, Senator Nakula Chattarak punched Senator Suvio Bellaron in the face, breaking his nose and sending him tumbling down the auditorium stairs. Senator Chattarak is a Reborn Intaki representing an Intaki system subdistrict and is Suvio's junior by several decades. When Senate gendarmes approached the two to restrain them from further hostilities, Senator Chattarak excused himself from Senate business for the day. Chaos ensued as Bellaron's supporters shouted for the gendarmes to restrain Chattarak, over the loud objections and wild gesticulations of opponents. Order was restored after Bellaron requested his faction to return to their places.

Senator Bellaron brushed off the affair as "a professional disagreement" and declined to file charges against Chattarak. "I'd rather not distract from the important ongoing discussions any more than Senator Chattarak already has," he commented. After the assault, Senate debate centered around a directive bill Bellaron had previously submitted to the floor, dedicated to abolishing capital punishment at the Federal level and imposing strict guidelines for its administration at lower levels of governance. Early debate has suggested senators from Essence, Verge Vendor, Sinq Laison, and Placid are receptive to his proposal, though observers were surprised when other Reborn senators presented strong arguments against the legislation. No further violence interrupted the session.