Galactic Hour News Roundup: Caldari Protests, Privy Council and Triglavian Occupation

By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from around the cluster as a new wave of protests flare up in the Caldari State following shocking scenes broadcast by Guristas Pirates on corporate networks; Amarr Privy Council to meet in full session; and Triglavian occupied territories see rising planetary conflict.

Above: Anin V orbit

Outrage in Caldari State as Anin V Yanala Day "Massacre" Exposed by Guristas Pirate Broadcast

Anin, Lonetrek – A new wave of furious protests have erupted across the Caldari State following the broadcast of a visual record purporting to show Lai Dai Protection Service troops brutally suppressing a protest held on Yanala Day in one of the Anin V mining colonies. Caldari State authorities have called for workers to return to their homes, emphasizing that the visuals were broadcast by Guristas Pirates on a number of corporate channels apparently hijacked by infiltration programs.

The broadcast video appears to show LDPS forces firing into a crowd of workers assembled in protest at the central transit hub of the Solva settlement on Anin V. A large number of workers evidently gathered on Yanala Day, March 22nd, to mark the Battle of Caldari Prime while protesting both the mishandling of the Triglavian Invasions and working conditions at the mining colony. It is unclear how the violence started but LDPS troops are seen using stun batons before switching to firearms identified as "riot blasters" by the Guristas commentary.

Lai Dai Extractive Industries runs Solva as a standard pattern underground mining colony to provide resources for its parent megacorporation. Lai Dai itself has condemned the video as "fake" and the broadcast as "criminal subversion aimed at destabilizing the Caldari State". The Solva settlement itself has been under a quarantine order for several weeks, allegedly due to an outbreak of the widespread novel virus affecting many mining and manufacturing colonies across New Eden.

Protests have broken out across Lai Dai corporate territories with large crowds surging around Lai Dai's primary spire on New Caldari Prime. The Caldari Navy and State Peacekeepers have deployed to provide security at a number of megacorporation estates as protests have spread and corporate security forces struggle to exercise restraint.

The facade of unity usually maintained by the megacorporations of the Chief Executive Panel has continued to be placed under great strain by these latest events. Lai Dai's CBD and NoH allies in the so-called "Forest Faction" have backed its line that the video is a Guristas fabrication. Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa of the "Mountain Faction" have restricted themselves to issuing calls for workers to disperse and condemning Guristas "criminality".

However, the Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi corporations of the "Ocean Faction" have authorized their workers to assemble in corporate plazas and settlement squares, firmly ordering their security forces to restrict themselves to "protection of corporate property from vandalism". Additionally, Wiyrkomi's Senior Executive Director for Infrastructure Security, Akimaka Saraki has declared that the "Caldari people have a clear and ancient right to protest incompetence and malfeasance among the executive classes", and ordered the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps to "protect Wiyrkomi corporate citizens from criminal abuses". Director Saraki's remarks echo comments made by his father-in-law Akari Seituoda, the former CEO of Wiyrkomi-Seituoda Heavy Industries, during the Caldari Protests of YC122.

Above: Amarr Prime and Empress Catiz I Honor Guard

Empress Catiz I Summons Privy Council to Amarr Prime Following Tour of Ammatar Mandate

Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime – Empress Catiz I has summoned the heads of the Royal Houses of the Amarr Empire to the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad for a full meeting of the Privy Council. The Amarr Empress recently concluded a tour of the Ammatar Mandate and returned to Amarr Prime last week, accompanied by Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur and their respective diplomatic and military retinues.

Observers of the tour of the Ammatar Mandate suggest that Empress Catiz was "impressed" by the ongoing economic development of the Ammatar Mandate under the leadership of Lord Ardishapur and Mandate Governor Lord Ekroz Salaf. The military readiness and continuing fortification of the Mandate was also said to be "highly satisfactory" in Imperial Court held in the Consular Palace on Tanoo II. A number of the "loyal" families of the Ammatar "petty nobility" had their Imperial charters renewed and upgraded, signalling that Lord Salaf's elevation to full Holder status will be followed by others in time.

Full meetings of the Imperial Privy Council are generally held to discuss a variety of issues relevant to the administration of the Amarr Empire. The aftermath of the Triglavian Invasions continues to pose challenges to all of the core empires, with the continued rebuilding of the Imperial Navy and ancillary armed forces likely to feature heavily in the discussions.

Above: Skarkon II under Svarog Clade occupation

Triglavian-Occupied Planets Seeing Increased Conflict Between Clades and Resistance Forces

Pochven – EDENCOM Intelligence and CONCORD Conflict Monitors have reported a significant uptick in planetary combat operations across the Triglavian-occupied territories of Pochven. The situation on Skarkon II continues to cause concern as Svarog Clade forces clash with a renewed series of landings by forces loyal to Veles Clade. Skarkon's Tribal Resistance Army under the command of Valkear General Kril Efrit also continues to hold out, even launching strikes on warclones and "criminals" alleged to be collaborating with the Svarog Clade occupation forces.

Veles Clade itself has had to contend with incursions on its Vale planetary holdings by Perun Clade forces reportedly drawn from the populations of Komo and Sakenta. Resistance efforts by Caldari forces in Komo and Sakenta are believed to be focused on disrupting Perun Clade "bioadaptation" efforts on the basis that claims these are "protective measures" are a cover for wholesale indocrination of planetary populations into labor and military forces.

Svarog Clade's own forces are apparently concentrating on consolidation within the systems it controls, with surveillance suggesting massive industrial works are under way on a number of barren, terrestrial and storm planets within Krai Svarog. The Svarog border system of Urhinichi is reportedly a particular focus for widespread industrial and military activity by the clade.

Little has been heard from the relatively heavily-populated worlds of Urhinichi since Svarog forces carried out a series of sweeping assaults against Caldari resistance forces. Signs of extensive, possibly accelerated changes to the biospheres of Urhinichi IV and V have been accompanied by reports of extraordinarily high energy readings from the locations of cities on those planets. Independent scientists have suggested the readings are high enough to imply the use of antimatter reactors operating without the shielding that would normally be used in planetary atmospheres.

Above: Vale II under Veles Clade Occupation

In Other News

  • Caldari Worker Protests Call for Lifting Quarantine of Torrinos V Mining Colony in Light of Anin V Incident
  • Federal Intelligence Office Calls in CONCORD's CDIA and DERAIL Divisions to Eugales to Assist Subversion Investigation
  • Matar Planetary Security in Dispute with Sebiestor Marshals over "Black Dagger Killings" After Murder at Great Caravanserai Yesterday
  • Great Caravanserai Killing Brings Count of "Black Dagger" Murders to Five Following Three Krusual Officials Killed Last Week
  • Intaki Space Police in Further Talks with Intaki Assembly over Security of Home Planet and Intaki System after Federal Supreme Court Lifts Stay
  • BREAKING: Assault on Inis-Ilix Theology Council Law School by Brutor Vanguard Mercenaries Reported
  • BREAKING: Theology Council Paladins Reported Killed in Attack on Station's Prison Complex
  • BREAKING: Status of Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid and Slaver Orlon Zashev Held at Inis-Ilix Pending Trial Unknown